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Once you have a freighter, you can purchase frigates and send them on expeditions.

These expeditions consist of a series of encounters. Most, but not all, of these encounters will be of the same type as the mission (combat, exploration, industrial, or trade).

Each encounter, if passed (rather than failed), will award items, units and/or nanites to each frigate in your expedition.

If failed, each encounter has a chance to damage any or all frigates in your expedition and potentially add a negative trait to any of them.

Sending out frigates that have negative traits on them can cause encounters to fail more easily, and therefore pass negative traits onto other frigates.


Expeditions require a Fleet Command Room. Construct a Command Post in the habitable area between the bridge and the hanger.

The Navigator plans expeditions for your fleet. Visit the Navigator on the freighter's bridge to see currently available expeditions. A new set of expeditions are plotted each day. Expeditions have varying specialisations and difficulty.

Higher-class ships will contribute more to any Expedition you send them on. Completing expeditions will increase the strength of a frigate.

Longer or larger expeditions require more fuel. Supply ships reduce fuel requirements. Expeditions can be equipped with temporary upgrades to boost their capabilities.

Expeditions cover long distances and may take a considerable amount of time to complete. Track the expedition's progress at the Fleet Command Room. Expeditions continue in real time and do not require their owner to be actively present.