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Once you have a freighter, you can purchase frigates and send them on expeditions.

These expeditions consist of a series of encounters. Most, but not all, of these encounters will be of the same type as the mission (combat, exploration, industrial, or trade).

Each encounter, if passed (rather than failed), will award items, units and/or nanites to each frigate in your expedition.

If failed, each encounter has a chance to damage any or all frigates in your expedition and potentially add a negative trait to any of them.

Sending out frigates that have negative traits on them can cause encounters to fail more easily, and therefore pass negative traits onto other frigates.


Command of a large Capital Ship offers several benefits. High among these is the ability to command a fleet of Frigates.

Find and purchase Frigates to add them to your fleet. Recruitable frigates in a freighter group will be marked with an icon. Approach a recruitable frigate and speak with them on the Starship Communicator.

There are several types of frigate, and each individual ship varies in quality. While not on expeditions, frigates will perform tasks related to their abilities. Land on a frigate to collect the rewards from these tasks.

Trade frigates will accumulate wealth, science vessels will provide scans to ancient artifacts, supply ships will generate fuel, and mining vessels will collect minerals. Combat ships will come to your aid if you fight nearby pirates.