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One of the primary Living starship weapons, and is an alternative to the more common Spewing Vents. Both can be used to mine asteroids in space, which hold valuable resources.

Grafted Eyes




Starship - Weapons


Spacecraft Laser Device

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Recharge With:



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Additional Info:

Release History:

Upgrade Nodes can be obtained by shooting Void Eggs in Space Encounters. They are more common in uncharted and abandoned systems.

Have an unusually long range for a starship weapon, having the ability to hit targets from up to 3000 distance units (3000u) away (for reference, fugitive pirate ships will attack the player if they get within 1500u). By default, the weapon deals damage over time to targets at a tick rate of 5 damage ticks per second, overheating after 3 second of continuous fire. Upon overheating, Grafted Eyes take 2 seconds by default to recover from overheating.

Grafted Eyes deal 180 base damage per tick (pairs of ticks are visually combined to display 360 base damage per 0.4 seconds) to the following targets: fauna, starships, Space Fleets, and destructible obstacles such as Reinforced Doors (Manufacturing Facilities and Operations Centres). Against starships in particular, the starship weapon does not deal any bonus damage to the rear (that is, it deals 1x damage to the rear).

Grafted Eyes deal 36 base damage per tick (pairs of ticks are visually combined to display 72 base damage per 0.4 seconds) to all planetary Sentinels.

When used to harvest a planet's flora and minerals, Grafted Eyes have a base mining power per tick of 36 (pairs of mining damage ticks are visually combined to display 72 per 0.4 seconds).

2.3 Living Ship - Introduced to the game.

2.32 - Added an ability to evolve for Nanites - C to B - 210, B to A - 310, A to S - 430.

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