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Learn the module blueprints from the Space Anomaly, then construct and power your ByteBeat Device within your base. Once placed in your base and powered, the ByteBeat will immediately begin to produce procedurally generated music. ByteBeat formulas are made out of simple waveforms that are manipulated through maths – but by default, the device handles all of the mathematical heavy lifting, procedurally generating random presets for you to play with. Dedicated audiophiles have the option to explore deeper, manually sketching out note sequences, rhythms, and even manipulating the raw sounds.


The Sequencer UI lets you customise your track, allowing you to modify the melody and drums. If enabled, the arpeggiator will fill in notes automatically, and other panels allow you to adjust the octave, key and tempo.


Players who want to dive deep into the maths behind the waveform can use the Advanced Waveform UI to fine tune the mathematical operators at the heart of their sound. Or simply randomise the function and generate an entirely new sound!


The ByteBeat Device can be synchronised by snapping it to other ByteBeats, or connecting the devices with a new type of cable. This allows you to layer multiple tracks and create more complex arrangements.


Finally, a new ByteBeat Switch allows players to power other devices, such as lights, with bursts of power that sync up to the rhythm of your track.