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A player's discoveries are located in the Discoveries menu. It is accessible with the Options button. This menu allows players to look up information on their flora, fauna, waypoint, planet, and star system discoveries. Among other things, the player will be given naming rights to their discovery, and the new name will be stored on the game's servers for all to see.

Players must manually upload each discovery for it to be recorded in the Atlas, for proper credit to be given. It is possible to upload all data simultaneously by hovering over the upload all button and pressing upload. However, you will be unable to name them. Nanite Clusters are awarded for each discovery upload. The amount is based on the rarity of the scanned species.

If the fauna of a planet are discovered completely, an additional bonus will be rewarded after confirming the completion by clicking the banner at the top. This is required for Planetary Zoology Milestone progress.