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NMSResources Infographics

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Press and hold [Key W] to propel your ship. Use [Key S] to brake. Hold [L Shift] to boost. Normal flight does not require fuel.

You will travel much faster when outside of a planet's atmosphere.

In space, use the Pulse Engine [Key A & Key D] to travel faster.

The Pulse Engine requires tritium to charge. find Tritium by destroying asteroids in space.


The Pulse Engine cannot be used near space stations. Pirates may temporarily disable the pulse Engine during an attack. To escape, survive until it comes back online.


The ship's HUD will alert you when the Pulse Engine is offline.

Use the Hyperdrive to travel to a new star system. Craft Warp Cells using Antimatter Housing and Antimatter to power the hyperdrive.

To travel to a new system, open your Galaxy Map [Key X]. Select a system and use LPM to engage the hyperdrive.


Star systems are colour graded: Yellow, Red, Green and Blue. Non-yellow systems require upgraded hyperdrive technology to visit.



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