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Your Exosuit will automatically deploy Hazard Protection when required. Hazard protection is drained by exposure to radiation, planetary toxins, and extreme temperatures.


When your Exosuit's hazard protection system is drained, your shields will begin to take damage.


Hazard protection will recharge automatically when the user is in a building, starship, or cave. Away from shelter, hazard protection systems are recharged with Sodium or various Ion Batteries.

Sodium can be harvested from planetary flora and is found on all worlds.

Pressing [Key C] will activate the Scanner, locating nearby Sodium.


Ion Batteries can be crafted from Cobalt and Ferrite.

Hazard systems can be recharged from the Exosuit inventory, or via the Quick Menu using [Key X].

Acquire survival upgrades from Technology Merchants on space stations and planetary shops.



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