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In hazardous conditions, use caves and buildings to shelter and reacharge your hazard protection.


Use a Multi-Tool Terrain Manipulator to create your own shelter.


Your compass is at the top of the DUD. It shows the positions of nearby interesting objects and mission objectives. Use the Analysis Visor [Key F] to find buildings and valuable resources.


Constructing and used a Signal Booster will always point you towards the nearest building.


Sprinting [L Shift] will allow you to travel faster for a short time, but will also drain your life support faster.

The Jetpack [Space] can also be used to cover difficult terrain. The Jetpack recharges automatically while on the ground. the jetpack can be used to scale cliffs even when uncharged.


WARNING: Your jetpack can only be used in short bursts. failing from great heights will cause damage. Save jetpack fuel to soften the impact.



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