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Starships can be salvaged at the Starship Outfitting Terminal found aboard any regular Space Station.

When salvaging a starship, you may receive the following items: Storage Augmentations; High Value Raw Materials or Tradeables; or Scrap Tradeables such as Starship AI Valves.

However, you may instead choose to create a customisation module matching the visuals of part of that ship, typically either its wings, cockpit or engines. These parts can be taken to the Starship Fabricator and assembled into a design of your own choosing.

The Starship Fabricator allows Travellers to design and construct a completely custom ship from salvaged parts. Dismantle unwanted ships at the outfitting station, then repurpose the components into the starship of your dreams.

Purchase a Starship Reactor from a space station technology merchant to determine the statistics and inventory of the resulting ship.

When creating Starships, the stats will continue to fluctuate until you confirm. Use this to get the stat spread that you desire. The stats will fluctuate higher in wealthier economy systems, so do your ship building in Economy 3-star systems.

Naturally-hunted ships acquired by traditional methods can be identified by the Authenticated Starship seal, and attract a bonus in price when traded, whilst starships built at the Fabricator are not authenticated by the galactic trade authorities and as such are worth less when attempting to trade your ship with another pilot.


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