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On your fleet management screen, you can unlock 4 Squadron slots for 800 / 3,500 / 7,500 / 10,000 Nanites. From this menu you can check out the stats of each ship & their captain & dismiss them if needed.

Once those slots have been unlocked, you can approach most ship captains & ask for their services. This will show you their stats & give you the option to accept or reject them, based on their stats.

The ship itself will be have a class (and you can further check out the ship as normal by asking to see it as though you were thinking of buying it).

The Captains have randomly generated traits in 4 randomly generated categories; such as Empathy, Respect for Command, Flight Ability, Starship Management, Navigation, Dedication, etc. These ranges are listed in order below:

(Gold) Unrivaled, Outstanding,

(Green) Excellent, Good, Above Average,

(White) Average, Below Average, Poor

(Red) Abysmal, Non-existent

Try to pick ones that don't have bad (white or red) traits.

Each captain will also have a confirmed kill count & some notes.

These captains will aid you in space battles. This can be turned off or on via your quick menu while you are in a ship.

Once the NPC starship is recruited, they can also be upgraded at this terminal, also for nanites: C->B for 1,200  B->A for 4,100  A->S for 9,500  Both the stats and traits of the starship will improve.



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