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The Space Anomaly is a giant mobile space station that exists outside of time and space, and can be visited by any experienced Traveller during their journeys.

The Space Anomaly used to be home only to Priest Entity Nada, Specialist Polo, and the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion. With the release of the Beyond update, the Anomaly's interior was expanded and overhauled into a large social hub that can be accessed anywhere in the universe, where Travellers may meet and take on missions at The Nexus. The Anomaly is also now home to a dozen different Travellers known as Iterations alongside the original trio of Nada, Polo, and the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion.


Nada talks to the player throughout the story missions & rewards Quicksilver if you do so at regular intervals.


Polo is able to grant the player shortcuts to the centre of the galaxy or aid them on their quest to find the Atlas. If the player selects the shortcut option, the location of a Black Hole will be revealed to the player. If the player wishes to gain help finding the Atlas, the location of an Atlas Interface will be given.


The Quicksilver Synthesis Companion was created by Polo in preparation for Community Research, to help them explore synthesis and creation, transforming Quicksilver into exotic goods. The Companion now resides in a small stall to the right of the Nexus mission cube as you approach it from the Anomaly landing pads.


While the origins of the Space Anomaly are unclear, it is clear it has become a refuge for Nada and Polo, as well as Travellers, from the ever watchful eyes of the Sentinels and Atlas.

The interior back left room to the right of the Teleportation Terminal houses a Korvax subsimulation of an artificial star system, saved from the destruction of Korvax Prime by Nada. It can be interacted with through the Korvax Simulation Terminal at its base. During the storyline, this machine features in an important set of choices. Nada and Polo support one regardless of their decision; but the best possible outcomes come from 'upload', then later 'truth' both times.



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