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You might think you've done everything; but it's likely that you still haven't experienced everything that No Man's Sky has to offer; or seen all there is to see.

Below is a list of things you might not have done yet; if you're struggling for things to achieve / complete to stay entertained.

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Got to stage 10 on every Milestone.

See Milestones.

Maxed Out

Maxed out the slots & stats on each of your Ships, Tools, Exocraft & your Freighter.

See Upgrading Your Equipment, Ships, Tools & Tech Layouts.

Unlocked Everything

Bought all of the blueprints & items in the game.

Completed the Catalogue. Note that not all items appear in the catalogue.

See Catalogue & all the item tabs starting with Raw Materials.

Lore Entries

Completed all of the Lore Entries.

See Story & Lore.


Unlocked every recipe.

See Refiners.


Made every food item & unlocked every recipe.

See Food and Food Recipes.

Space Stations

Boarded every type of Space Station, including Abandoned, Outlaw, Atlas Interfaces, The Space Anomaly & seen the various types of normal ones.

See Space Stations.

Exocraft Races

Participated in some races & built your own racetrack.

See Exocraft Races.


Got 18 different types of Pets; Egg Sequenced & maxed out their stats.

See Companion Pets & Egg Sequencer.

Atmospheric Events

Survived each Atmospheric Event: Firestorm, Gravitational Anomaly, Lightning Strike, Meteor Shower, Tornado & of course Storm.

See Atmospheric Events.


Explored Underwater on a water planet & reached a depth of at least 100u.

See Underwater.


Visited every type of Building & POI at least once.

See Buildings and Smaller Points of Interest.

Space Encounters

Experienced every Space Encounter.

See Space Encounters.

Derelict Freighters

Explored lots of different Derelict Freighters.

Found all enemy types on board.

Completed the lore entries.

Found all the blueprints.

See Derelict Freighters.

Exotic Planets

Found all 11 types of Exotic Planets & collected the Trophies.

See Planets & Moons.


Visited all 256 Galaxies.

See Changing Galaxies.


Found 4 epic captains to join your Squadron & levelled them up.

See Squadrons.


Created a mixed fleet of 30 frigates & maxed out their stats.

See Frigates, Organic Frigates & Frigate Expeditions.

Freighter Base

Built an Epic Freighter Base.

See Freighter Bases


Destroyed a Pirate Dreadnought & a Sentinel Dreadnought.


Bought everything from the Quicksilver Merchant

(and the Space Station Scrap Dealer).

See Quicksilver.


Built a wide variety of bases that you think are cool.

See Base Construction & Interesting Bases.


Played around with Switches & Inverters.

Lots of cool stuff can be made once you understand these.

See the linked guides on Powering The Base.

Industrial Mining

Set up an Industrial Mining Facility for all of the available elements.

See Industrial Parts & Industrial Surveying


Made some sick tunes.

See Bytebeat.

High End Crafting

Crafted & sold at least one Stasis Device & one Fusion Ignitor.

See High End Crafting.


Learned all the Atlas, Gek, Korvax, Vy'keen & Autophage words that the game allows you to learn & raised your standing with each faction.

See Learning Words, Factions  & Standing & Guilds.

Planetary Settlement

Maxed out a Planetary Settlement.

See Planetary Settlements.


Unlocked all of the Titles.

See Titles.

Made Your Perfect Ship

Used the Space Anomaly to scrap other ships for parts, then created your own perfect ship from those parts.

See Starship Parts.

Future Content

Added ideas to the Future Content page


Uploaded some discoveries to this website.

See Player Uploads.

Expedition Mode

Played all of the Timed Expeditions.

See Expedition Mode.

Helped Other Players

There's no better feeling than helping someone else to complete a mission, build a base, fix a bug or do something they couldn't have done without you.

See Multi-Player.

Created A Website

Data-mined & Play-tested the game to the point where you know almost anything about the game.

Made a website and/or facebook group to help others.

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