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NMSResources Infographics

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Unlock exocraft by building an Exocraft Terminal in your base and hiring a Vy'keen Technician.

To summon an exocraft, build an Exocraft Geobay. Geobays can be built anywhere and are not restricted to your home planet.

There are four main Exocraft - the fast, lightweight Nomad; the all-round Roamer; the slow but mighty Colossus & the maneuverable Pilgrim Motorbike.

To change the active exocraft, visit the appropriate geobay or use your quick menu.

When driving an exocraft, press [L Shift] for a short speed boost. Use [Space] to jump.

When driving an Exocraft, use [Key X] to access a portable Signal Booster and scan for points of interest.

Fire your weapon of Mining Beam using LPM. Cycle weapon/mining attachments using [Key G].

As with your exosuit and Starship, exocraft can be upgraded for improved performance.

Install technology upgrades in their Inventories [Tab].



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