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Star systems have different Economy types. There are Trade routes that you can use to buy items in one system at low prices and sell those items at high prices in the next system.

There are seven types of economy and every system has one.

The type of economy that a system has will not affect its economic status nor its Sell/Buy stats.

Each system also has its own "icon" depending on its economy type.

Trade route A: Scientific -> Trading -> Advanced Materials -> Scientific

Trade route B: Mining -> Manufacturing -> Power Generation -> Technology -> Mining


Items can be sold for units on the Galactic Trade Network. Find Trade Terminals in Space Stations and shops.

Players with bases can construct a Trade Terminal of their own after unlocking the blueprint at the Construction Research Station aboard the Space Anomaly.

Some more rare resources might be more easily purchased than found. Most visitors to the Space Station and Trade Outposts can be traded with, and different species specialise in different goods.

Resources command different prices in different systems. Install an Economy Scanner in your starship to gain access to economic data on the Galaxy Map.