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NMSResources Infographics

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Your compass is located at the top of the HUD. It will highlight nearby points of interest and mission objectives.


The Analysis Visor [Key F] detects points of interest from afar. Objects located in the Visor can be pinned, allowing you to track them outside of visor mode.


The Cartographer on Space Stations will supply Planetary Charts for specific buildings.


Collect Navigation Data from the beacons outside planetary buildings, and from modules inside buildings.

Exchange data with the Cartographer.

Use the Quick Menu [Key X] to summon your ship to your location. The starship requires fuel in the Launch Thrusters to take off. Assemble Launch Fuel from Di-hydrogen, found as blue crystals.


Use your starship to cover large distances and fly between planets. To fly to other star systems, use the Galaxy Map [Key X].



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