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NMSResources Infographics

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Hazard Protection is vital if you plan to spend time away from your ship. Carry Sodium or Ion Batteries. Have a plan to find shelter in caves or structures. Many hazards are worse at night.

Use the Scanner [Key C] to locate key survival resources.

Use Analysis Visor to identify points of interest from afar. Use [Key F] to bring up visor. Look around to locate buildings and supply caches. These locations are often rich in resources and information.

The backpack icon in the bottom right shows inventory status. Not everything is immediately useful. Prioritise the materials to maintain your Exosuit. Advanced products can always be found again.

Acquire vital survival upgrades from Technology Merchants on space stations and planetary shops.

Nearby creatures marked with a Red Paw are predators and may be dangerous. Use your Analysis Visor [Key F] to identify them from afar (zoom with RPM).



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