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A Hot-spot is a location on a planet that is a prime location for Base building.

You must install a Survey Device in your Analysis Visor and enable Surveying Mode to find hot-spots on planets.
There are three types of Hot-spots: Mining (Ores) / Gas (Oxygen or Compressed Atmospheric Gas) / Electromagnetic Power (Power)
The harvest-able amount depends on whether the spot is C, B, A or S class. The farther away from the hotspot, the less is harvested.

Hot-spots will not deplete.
Hot-spots are useful for providing power to your base & replenishing supplies of resources for personal use, or for selling for profit. Activated Indium is the most profitable of the possible elements.
From any given spot, within 1050u there will be at least 16 hot-spots; which will always include at least one of each:

Power / Oxygen ./ Compressed Gas / System Specific Mineral / Biome Specific Mineral / Randomly Generated Mineral.
The three mineral hot-spot resources on the planet are the same as the three resources you can find & mine (or see in your visor / scanner, on the right side of the screen, if you are not pointing at anything in particular).


The Survey Device is an upgrade for the Multi-Tool Analysis Visor. It allows the discovery of planetary power and resource hotspots.

Industrial Units include the Electromagnetics Generator and the Mineral and Gas Extractors. These advanced modules are capable of generating endless free power and resources if sited correctly.

Finding the correct site relies on using the Survey Device.

There are several types of resources hotspot. Electromagnetic Power Hotspots allow the construction of highly efficient base power generators while gas and mineral deposits allow endless resource harvesting. Hotspots can be rated C, B, A or S-Class.

With the Analysis Visor activated (Key F), use Key 1 to enter Survey Mode. Sweeping across the terrain reveals your proximity to a hotspot, as well as the type of hotspot and its class.

Pinpointing its centre allows a hotspot to be analysed and tracked. This reveals the full details of the hotspot, such as its yield precise potential, and places a marker upon the site. A hotspot marker can be pinned using (Key E).