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All content is accurate for 5.0 Worlds - Part 1 , including upcoming content.

Notes about all the few things left to update are at the bottom of main page & New Content page.

Liquidators Expedition begins on Wednesday 24th July at 1pm GMT.

Bottom of home page lists other upcoming work for me to complete.

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This is the new version of the list from the facebook group (

Be aware that HelloGames have implemented a large amount of that list. They specifically check that group (and now this page) for new ideas & to see what the community wants. I mention this to highlight that it is very likely that ideas added to this page WILL be implimented eventually, if they are possible.

I delete suggestions from there & here as & when they are added to the game. I have deleted thousands of ideas at this point.

Many of the previous updates may have their roots in past versions of that list. The Indurance, Waypoint & Interceptor updates were almost entirely made of ideas from this page & a conversation that I had with the staff at HG, including Sean Murray. Again, I'm mentioning this to highlight that HelloGames are dedicated to adding whatever community ideas that they can to the game.
If you have anything to add, do so at the bottom of this page; and if you like, also in the comments of appropriate section on the facebook group.

Realistic ideas only please, not things that would require them to build a new game entirely, though HG have frequently shown us that they can achieve more than we thought possible.

Please don't mention bugs & crashes. It is not a thread for moaning, just for positive, achievable ideas for the future of NMS.

In 2021-22, I deleted 982 ideas from this page as HG had added them, bringing the deleted totals to over 3000, which is quite wild to think about. This game has so much content now.


In Sept 2023, I merged the current ideas into five separate update ideas. and have since begun a sixth one. You can still add more at the bottom of the page.

No Mans Sky Resources .com



Based largely on improvements to base building, along with some space based additions.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - SANDY (Also called: Dunes / Golden / Badlands).
Sparse landscapes filled with crashed ships, frigates, freighters & of course - sandworms & hungering tendrils. Excellent for base building, exocraft race tracks, expanding inventories & ship customisation. Also a hub for pirates & warlords.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - RINGWORLD (Also called: Halo / Hoop / Corona).
Mixed biomes. Various fauna, particularly tropical. Randomised raw material resource deposits. Trading hubs.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - GAS (Also called: Jovian / Cluster / Gaseous)
Mostly made of gas. Smaller landmasses, much larger than asteroids, litter the area & provide small areas of gravity on which to walk.

For examples of Landscapes, Fauna & Flora for the new planets, see: [ or ]

Build a dry dock in space above a planet, which can be used to create and customise spaceships, frigates and freighters.
Player freighters will auto-dock at these if one is present in the system they warp into.
Dry docks can be built on like a base and can serve as social and commercial hubs.

CUSTOMISABLE SHIPS [Added in Orbital Update]
Players can now switch out parts from their ships, colour them & use custom decals.
Collect ship parts to use by scrapping other ships. Starship scrapping terminal will hold onto parts until they are used.
Fill out a catalogue of ship parts. Find them all.
Players can now sell their ships directly to other players.
Various shades of Black can now occur across all ships & parts.

Purchase & build on selected space stations. Players can build in empty rooms on the sides.
Build on abandoned space stations for free, but requires fixing up.
Added a cartographer map that specifically finds the rare wild base computers with surrounding flat land.

Create your own derelict freighter layout, pick enemies and treasure in each room, and then explore it on your own or with others. Derelict Freighter rooms, enemies and parts must first be discovered on existing derelicts. Derelict will remain stationed in a static location at the dry dock. Players can choose to keep them locked or open to others.

MANUAL FRIGATE MISSIONS [Mostly Added in Orbital Update]
Create and customise a special frigate at the dry dock and take it out on expeditions, with up to 4 other frigates to back you up. These expeditions take you to a small number of neighbouring star systems and require the player to make choices throughout the adventure. How will you respond to being attacked? How will you deal with a planet who are reluctant to trade? What will you do with that biohazard? Player choices will affect the outcomes and potential rewards from the adventure.

Hire new Base NPCs, build custom ships, buy a space station, build a dry dock, pilot a frigate expedition, design a derelict freighter, explore new planet types.

Players can now 'pin' specific resources or items to a particular slot. The slot will never be filled with something different.
Inventories now include a sort button that puts items into the same order as they appear in the catalogue.

Players can now save 5x full base designs & instantly build that design from any base computer, provided the required resources are stored in the Base Salvage Capsule, which can now be manually added to. e.g. a 16x biodome setup with connecting corridors, or a 'ladder' into the atmosphere, or a power generation grid, a mining setup, etc.
Players now have the ability to create simple designs using up to 50 base parts; which they can then save as a single base part to be used in future on any base. These designs are accessible from the pre-fab tab of the build menu.
Added a 'favourites' tab to the build menu, to easily switch between most often-built base parts. Parts can be favourited from the other tabs.
Added a "Snap to grid" option for easier and elegant item placement. Useful for things like rows of generators, depots and harvesters.
Hotspot Equipment such as the Electromagnetic Generator can now be built anywhere, not just on bases. A new 'Transformer' part must be built in the base perimeter and connected to the Generator, or Silos connected to the Extractors. Pipes and wiring now create clear snap points when placed, allowing for reconnection to new pipes and wiring, enabling easy connection over vast distances.
Players can now see an outline of their current base limits as they approach it.
Small crate decorations now have 1-5 storage slots, for items, but not raw materials.
Ladders now require a button push to enter or exit onto or off of them. This allows players to get off at any point in the ladder.
Silos now have a terminal that allows them to be customised with different decals, colours or numbers other than 6.
Item scaling can now be set to work in only one direction. e.g. make a square into a rectangle, rather than just a bigger square.
All letters & symbols added to build menu.
Added triangular window and roof to match triangular floor; as well as a variety of curved floor, wall and roof segments.
Landing Pad and Alternative Landing Pad terminals now give options for which ship to call, and a toggle to allow or disallow NPCs or other players to dock at that specific pad. It is now far easier to make landing pads snap with other base parts.
Wires and pipes can now be coloured.
The colouring menu of all lighting parts now also includes dimmer switch sliders, allowing players to pick how bright the light will be, as well as the distance that it can reach.
The build menu now includes contextual buildable walls, floors & ceilings which change depending on the planet type, along with their colour pallettes. For example, Swamp planets may have a treehouse contextal build, with an emphasis on greens & browns; while Lush may have mossy wood, with greens & blues & Volcanic may have mountain-like walls & a focus on reds. Build your bases to blend in with the background & scenery of your chosen planet.

Added a variety of new base building parts, including:
Wind Turbines. These are particularly well powered during storms.
Watermill. Placed on surface of water.
Hydroelectric Generator. Placed underwater.
Motors, Gears and Pulleys. Allows advanced design.
Turret. Wards off attacks from pirates & fires at anyone firing their ship or exocraft weapons nearby.
Decal creation station. Create and store up to 60 decal designs which can be applied to bases, exocraft, ships, tools, freighters.
A shop for player bases. Fill it with goods, set a price & allow visitors to purchase your stock when they visit.
Cuboid stair rooms - rooms with stairs already built in.
Derelict Freighter Bunks.
Sky Elevator. Quickly transports you from ground to just below the planet's atmosphere. A second elevator can go from there into space, where the dry dock can then be built.
Stability Thrusters Cosmetic.
Museum Display Case. Allows players to put treasures, glitch decorations, etc. inside. [Update: Echoes added the Wonder Projector, a functionally very similar item].
Various large and long Road parts. Useful for exocraft races.
Added interactable base building items: pool table, snooker table, air hockey, table tennis, table football, bowling alley, arcade machine, vending machine, pinball machine, dart board, poker table, blackjack, roulette table, chess board, mini racetrack, train set, weights bench, stationary cycle, punchbag, wrestling/boxing ring, toilet.
Added buildable room to bases & freighters - fish tank.

NPC's can populate player bases making them feel more alive, if toggled on at the base computer.
Added a range of static and dynamic NPCs to a new tab in the build menu, who can be given duties from a list. Each NPC comes with a terminal & a crate to store specific needed items.
Available duties include, but are not limited to:
Chef (Creates chosen items from a list of known food recipes as long as required items are in the crate).
Doctor (Will heal the player and provide temporary boosts).
Shop keeper (Sells deposited items to any other players who visit).
Cleaner (Mostly for looks, but does also remove any grass sticking up out of floors).
Gardener (Collects all plants on base) Players can collect the lot from NPC's crate.
Crafters (Can be set to repeatedly craft a known recipe from deposited items).
Ship repair (Mostly for looks, unless crate has the required items).

Refiners now allow players to pick the desired output & will show players a list of known refiner recipes to choose from. Picking one will add the materials into the refiner.
Refiners now deposit materials back into player inventories if they stray too far from the refiner.
Added New Refiner Recipes to turn activated minerals in non-activated versions.
Added New Refiner Recipes allowing Pure Ferrite to do everything that Ferrite Dust can do.
Added an Auto-Refiner base part to place between Silos, taking materials from one or more silos & outputting into another.

Added a trading system to the Anomaly & Space Station between the following items: Salvaged Data / Navigation Data / Exosuit Upgrade / Factory Override Unit / Salvaged Frigate Module / Storage Augmentation / Cargo Bulkhead / Multi-Tool Expansion Slot / Exosuit Expansion
Teleporters now show the base computer's images, as well as what resources are available on that planet.
Portal Glyph recharge screens how have a button in the middle that recharges all glyphs at once, only if the player has the required resources.
Multi-tools can now add water to contained areas, allowing for creation of pools, ponds, lakes, etc.
Starship outfitting terminal – Players can now cycle through all ships to upgrade or scrap any of their ships, not simply the docked one. Now also available on the Space Anomaly and on Freighters.
Buy/swap ship screen – Also allows for cycling through available ships for potential swap.
Multi tool box (and NPC tool offers) – Also now allows cycling through available multi-tools for potential swap.

Additions & improvements to fauna, flora & proc gen in general.
Living Freighters play a large role, including growing rooms for them.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - CRYSTALLINE (Also called: Gemstone / Glassy / Translucent).
Experience vibrant glass-like colours on land with all new translucent fauna types & bioluminescent underwater creatures in deep oceans & caves.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - CANDY (Also called: Sweet / Treat / Goodie).
Explore largely peaceful biomes filled with cute & bizarre creatures as well as breathtaking landscapes. an excellent place to learn cooking recipes.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - SENTIENT (Also called: Cosmic / Celestial / Astral).
Ginormous space creatures with planet-sized explorable environments on their backs. Some variants may be dead versions, existing as shells or giant skeletons.
These may be inspired by: Turtles, Tardigrades, Whales, Axolotls, Sharks, Shrimps, etc.
Fauna are typically far more abundant on these living planets than on any other type. They make great homes for zoos and cooking operations.

For examples of Landscapes, Fauna & Flora for the new planets, see: [ or ]

Players can now own Biological Freighters. New rooms must be grown, requiring time & resources. New rooms are discovered (rather than unlocked) by encountering other bio freighters & walking into those procedurally generated rooms on board.
Players can now own up to 3 freighters at a time, though only one can be 'active' at once. Use the quick menu to switch out freighters, which will cause your current to warp away if present, and the selected one to warp in.

A new set of story missions based around the Bio Freighters & Megastructures.

At the end of 'The Atlas Path' players 'Birth a New Star'. This now has a functional meaning. A new star will in fact be created, with space for 6 planets or moons around it. Travel to this system on the outer reaches of the current galaxy, will always be possible from any teleporter. Completing 'The Artemis Path' awards players with 'Remembrance'. Players can now use this to interact with the Remembrance Terminal in their created Star System, to design their own planets or moons to add to their Star System. This will involve picking which primary biome the planet will have, as well as its size; percentage of land, water & caves; colour filters; as well as which fauna, flora & minerals to drop there.

The bio freighter & existing freighters now each have a very large room that acts an Ark. It stores up to 15 fauna & 35 flora & minerals; which can be transported to other planets, allowing for the creation of zoo planets. Existing planets can have up to 10 new of each; fauna, flora & minerals; added to their discoveries roster in this manner. Returning to the planet later will see those new fauna, flora & minerals added to that biome.
Several new base parts have also been added to suppliment the idea of a planetary zoo, requiring players to create enclosures that suit the animal, based on the type of planet it was found on, along with a need for trees, bushes & rocks from their native planet. Enclosures can be combined with the existing Feeders & Livestock Units, to allow for easy food farming.
Placing different species into the same enclosure may rarely result in eggs of combined DNA, collected by a new base part.
Companions can also be assigned to enclosures, removing them from your roster, but keeping them safe for later.

The Space Anomaly now features a computer terminal that allows access to a creature creator. Players can design their own fauna, flora & minerals from scratch & submit them for review. Players can add their designs to their own zoos & arks. Community contests allow for voting on new designs to be added into the main game's pool; so your design, or something like it, might show up on random planets in the future.

Planets now have a chance for some groups of regions to present a different biome. eg. a frozen area on a lush planet. [Partially added in Worlds Part 1 Update].
Players may now experience Earthquakes.
Planets now have a small chance to spawn tribal races, not yet space bound & confined to individual planets. These will have their own entries on discovery pages if present.
Bird noises and general animal ambient noises now populate planets and moons that have these. This may also help to locate some of those fauna.
Planets now have water that moves, existing oceans and rivers now look more lifelike as a result. Very rarely, players may now also come across waterfalls, often with entrances to cave systems behind them.
Some planets now experience Auroras at the planetary poles, rewarding players who seek them out.
Water planets that are in populated systems now have a chance to spawn procedurally generated oceanic ships, the insides of which are explorable. Some may have crews, while others will be derelict. Occassionally, some may be found in a sunken state under the water. A variety of lore and item rewards are available on each.
Players will now see more of NPCs based on traveller races, such as those on the space anomaly, while exploring planetary buildings.
Some planets now feature rare Megastructures, memories of ancient times.

Space now features nebulas, gas clouds, fully gas planets, pulsars and quasars, as well as Space Whales and a variety of other space based fauna available as Space Encounters.
Flying through gas planets will fill starship slots with gases. Delving further into the planet may result in finding other materials and items, but be aware that any time spent flying through gas planets, is damaging your ship. Your shields are constantly lowering and random damage can occur to your various technologies and upgrades (except those required to get out). The further towards the core a player travels, the more harsh the damage becomes, but the potential rewards become greater.
Occassional giant asteroids may now appear that players can land on and walk around, with minimal damage to their hazard protection and life support. They may feature random raw materials to mine.
Minor course corrections can now be made while in pulse drive without dropping out.

A new Drone exocraft. This craft does not house the player, but is rather controlled by the player from the ground. It has a high speed, and a range of 5000u from the player. Its primary purpose is to highlight nearby points of interest and buildings with icons. The drone has a wider FOV and a nearly top down perspective. The drone can also shoot up to 10 custom markers into player targeted areas.
Players will need to build individual techs in its inventory for each thing they want it to be able to search for, including specific buildings or POIs, as well as particular resources such as Sodium plants, and interesting sites such as cave entrances. It will only highlight one of each thing installed, so as not to clutter the player's HUD. The Drone has enough slots once fully upgraded to house each available tech. An additional tech can be installed to allow the exocraft to scan passively while the player walks; though POI are not marked as quickly as they would be by manually flying the drone.
Sentinels will naturally assume the drone is one of them, but if players fly it too close, then they may become aggressive and shoot it down. Players must then retrieve and repair the drone to use it again. If players leave without retrieving it; the drone will return to the Exocraft Specialist. Players can call the functional drone at any time from their quick menu.

A new customisable exocraft can be fully built and designed by the player from the Exocraft Specialist Terminal, if the player has completed their missions. Players will design the look, shape, colours and type of exocraft. They more complicated the physical design, the heavier and therefore slower it becomes, but the more slots it starts with. Players may then upgrade the class and add slots to the craft.

Players with more than one Starship trail installed will now see a different effect each time they take off, alternating between them.
A seperate tab has been added for Trails & Bobbleheads, freeing up space for the plethora of other tech & upgrades.
Players can now use their quickmenu while in their starship to choose which installed bobblehead figurine displays in their cockpit.

Awarded during Memories of the Megafauna

Interactions with Cronus have been reworked. Cronus now has a useable nutrient processor right next to them & players can offer food to them directly from their food storage, already accessable through the processor.
Mineral nodes which have been mined beyond 90% will now be marked as fully mined and will not clutter player HUDs.
Visited buildings and POIs are now recoloured to grey, so that players don't keep visiting the same ones by mistake.
Larger flora & fauna, as well as Diplos, are now more common.

Focused on multi-player improvements & QOL.
New story side missions play large roles. Return to story-based weekend missions.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - MIST SHROUDED (Also called: Concealed / Camouflaged / Veiled).
Very low visibility. Storms are frequent, but usually mild. A haven for pirates. Full of various treasures. Fauna are barely visible versions of other fauna types.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - SUBTERRANEAN (Also called: Hollow Core / Hypogean / Incognito).
Explore vast cave systems, find NPCs from new cave-dwelling races & large insect-like fauna. Dig deep to find exotic resources & challenging boss-fights.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - DEEP FOREST (Also called: Enchanted Woods / Mystical Glen / Bewitched Thicket).
Has a vast number of trees. Home of the Fae Race (essentially Fairies, Elves, Hybrids & Elementals). Fae buildings are often up in the trees.

For examples of Landscapes, Fauna & Flora for the new planets, see: [ or ]

A new series of story based missions involving subterranean, deep forest and mist shrouded planets, new cave & tree-dwelling races & large insect-like fauna.

A new set of NPC missions are available to play from subterranean & tree villages, involving brand new objectives and boss fights.

A New Game + option has been added; allowing players to copy elements from an existing save. Options to carry over include: Words Learned, Story Progress, Tech Learned, Tech Layouts (choose each one or all), Current Inventories (choose each one or all), Freighter & Base, Pets, etc.
All previous expeditions can now be picked from the start a new game page, or the expedition terminal on the space anomaly.
Players can now start a new save featuring the aesthetics of previous versions of NMS.

All base parts that look like they should store items, such as lockers and suitcases, can now store a small number of items. A toggle can allow or disallow other players to take from it.
A new Message Board buildable allows visitors to leave messages for you at your base. These will also feature at an expedition waypoints, while the ability to leave communications stations in these areas will be switched off. Individual messages can be deleted by the base owner.
A new Tip Jar buildable allows visitors to gift Units, Nanites or Quicksilver to the owner of a visited base.

2-4 person Multiplayer now available on Nintendo Switch!
Trade Rockets / Rocket Lockers can now be sent directly to other players in your team who may not be nearby.
Players now have the ability to add a writeable backstory about their character & notes about their adventures, which others can read by clicking an icon by their name in any menus that feature it. All players can also now choose a specific name that isn't their gamertag.
Players can now create and join their own factions, groups, teams, clans, civs, etc. from the Appearance Modifier. Players can belong to up to 5 factions.
On the Space Anomaly, at the job request terminal, players can create custom missions for other players to join, rewards must be supplied by the mission creator.

The Space Anomaly is now home to a computer terminal, in the top right section, that houses a repository of community created help guides, much like those of No Man's Sky Resources. Players can upload their own, which will be checked by key members of the community before being greenlit to show up in this computer.
Another terminal allows players to request help with jobs, or simply write stories based on their in-game experiences.
Player trading terminals have been added, allowing players to drop items that they wish to gift or trade & other players. Simply set a price, or requested item to trade. Once sold, returning to the Anomaly will deposit the traded currency or items into their inventories.
All 10 Storage Containers can now be accessed from the large area on the right side of the Space Anomaly.
A new room has opened up behind the circular upgrades room. This large room houses a holographic suite that allows players to visit large areas of custom made planets (players are essentially teleported there, but cannot leave the planet, or indeed the selected large area). Players can currently choose from:
- Balaron - The Oceanic & Swamp Gek homeworld with countless tree houses and Mud Huts.
- Balaron-Secondus - A Gek moon featuring the Estate of Trade Lord Voinesio.
- Korvax Prime - A Mechanical planet covered in mineral ores.
- Equilibrium - A Korvax moon filled with exocraft & starship races.
- Dryn'dargh - The Irradiated Vy'Keen homeworld.
- Drun'Gala - A Jungle moon in orbit of Dryn'dargh.
- More to come.

The Space Anomaly Teleporter now has an option to travel to a PVP dedicated region. While present in this region, PVP will be automatically switched on for all participants. This is a series of regions of Star Systems in its own mini-galaxy. When leaving said galaxy by returning to the Anomaly, an option will be given to turn PVP off again.
Galactic War! Within this galaxy, star systems are not assigned Korvax, Gek, Vy'keen, but rather to player created factions. Players can do missions to to change influence levels of their faction over the given system. The system will change ownership to whoever has the highest influence. Players with more than one faction must choose one to be active while in the PVP galaxy. Trade in these systems will influence economy levels, while combat will influence danger levels.

Some star systems now have a possibility to engage in a space race with NPCs & other players.
Starting from the space station & weaving in & out of checkpoints between frigates; doing low flying runs between mountains on planets & flying down trenches on freighters.

All of the main storylines of the game now have optional voice acting in a variety of languages, as separate, free DLCs.
Landing Pad, Space Anomaly or Space Station situated Haulers can now convert into mobile shops, (like that of the bounty master's in Outlaw systems). Players must choose this option from their quick menu.
An option has been added to allow the scan function to be a toggle, rather than holding down buttons.
Players can now turn in space station missions in groups, for example all 'kill # sentinels' missions.
Discovery pages now include the portal co-ordinates.
Players can now use scan while riding a pet.
Players now have the ability to mark raw materials, items, ingredients, etc. like a shopping list from their catalogue. When interacting with vendors, there is now a star icon to indicate that it’s something the player has marked. On planets, the requested item will also be marked by a custom icon once the player is close enough to it.
Ambient mode is now available for anyone to use with ease by selecting it from the new slot 16 of the saved games list.
Tips now display at the bottom of the screen during teleport animations and load times.
All Freighters, Ships, Exocraft & Storage Containers now show as options on the tabs of sell screens.
Quests and missions now have a check mark next to them in player logs. Unticking the mission will prevent pop up help tips from appearing for that mission until rechecked.
A new options menu has been created for HUD elements, allowing players to turn each element off or on.
'Trade Outpost' scans from ships now find an outpost on the current or nearest planet, rather than a random planet in current system.
In the galaxy map, players can now see custom waypoints from all players in their team.
Teleporter menus now show conflict and economy levels, how many planets in the system and their biome types, as well as how far away it is from the player's current location and from the core.
All heads can now be equipped to all races.
Living rocks have been made less rare.
Trading Post landing pads now have connecting walkways.


Shared Gallery - Landscape (36).png

The ability to look around more and meaningfully interact with controls - electronic/mechanical elements - while in the ships cockpit would improve immersion.

Overhaul shuttles and hauler designs to make them a larger class of ship that can be walked around and have a custom player decorated interior - ie make storage and functions of a shuttle/hauler meaningful - in but also flown normally like fighters, exotics, etc. Right now I feel like haulers and shuttles are out of place in terms of class when looking at the rest of ships in general.

Cloaking module for ships - weapons cannot be used while this is active, neither can you warp or use your pulse drive. Works similarly to the one on the multi tool. Can be used to hide from sentinel or pirate ships. It is selected like other spaceship weapons, if installed it can be found by pressing the weapon swap button until it comes up. Is active when you hold the fire button.


Interesting additions to the combat side of life.
My 'tears in space & time' idea plays a large role.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - NIGHTMARE (Also called: Horror / Dark / Calamity).
Test your nerve, resolve & skill with these dark & dangerous hellscapes where everything wants you dead.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - CYBERNETIC (Also called: Robotic / Electronic / Mechanical).
Experience a wide array of robotic lifeforms on planets that are themselves mechanical. Many challenging & large-scale combat experiences await in these biomes.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - SCRAP (Also called: Scrapheap / Dump / Junkyard).
Find all manner of items, ships, tools, building parts, etc.
Only cybernetic lifeforms survive here & interlopers will find each of their various hazard protections being affected drastically at all times while on these planets. Time spent in these biomes is a risk. Spend too much time here & a klaxon will sound. Interlopers will soon thereafter find that pirates, sentinels, horrors, aggressive cybernetic fauna & all other threats imaginable will quickly swarm & destroy them.

For examples of Landscapes, Fauna & Flora for the new planets, see: [ or ]

Various forms of dragons added to all of the new world types - Sandy, Ringworld, Crystalline, Candy, Subterranean, Mist Shrouded, Cybernetic & Nightmare. Also, Volcanic & Swamp. Dragon types match the planet types.

A range of new large and powerful enemies are now available. Most planets now have an exceptionally rare 'boss' fauna (not needed for fauna completion) or sometimes flora.
Added a variety of large, exceptionally dangerous beasts in caves & underwater. Added missions to photograph or kill them.
A wide variety of larger mechanical enemies with different shapes and types have been added. Mechs might have two legs, four legs, spider legs, tall legs, etc. and have abilities such as force fields, jump slams, spinning blades, lasers, grenades, jetpack, flamethrower, There are also flying mechs, sea mechs, etc.
Added a 6th Sentinel Threat Level on planets with aggressive sentinels. At level 6, the Sentinels can join together to form a difficult to kill Mega Sentinel. Any sentinels that join the fight can add themselves to the Mega if not killed quickly enough.

Certain NPCs will now hunt players who have recently committed acts of crime. These NPCs will hunt you relentlessly across planets & are difficult to kill.
Added a variety of new missions to the space station and nexus that involve surviving these hunters, such as a Vy'keen death squad, for a set amount of time.
Added very rare random encounters both on planet and in space, for players who have recently committed crimes, that involve the player potentially being caught in stasis fields by persuers. Being caught results in the player being bought to a prison facility either in space or on planet, that the player must escape from. Players can bribe guards, take a debuff or severe damage to pass dangerous routes & then shoot their way out, team up with NPCs & cause a jailbreak riot, or solve a series of puzzles and stealth to escape.

Abandoned space stations now have their own missions leading to discoverable high-quality loot. Players can find these missions by exploring the Abandoned Station & checking any logs they find.

Some previously unexplored systems have been converted into Bio-Restricted Systems. These systems have hyper-aggressive Sentinels that do not tolerate any form of technology in the system but will allow Travellers if they use only Living Ships and Alien Multitools. Attempting these systems with non-organic technology will result in death.
Derelict freighters now have more enemy types on board.
Interacting with the final terminal in a Derelict Freighter now has the chance to cause a self destruct countdown when complete. Players must escape the freighter quickly. Some of these will disable the on-board short-range teleporters. A large explosion will occur as you fly away.

After taking out the Sentinel Freighter's defenses, if players do not destroy it, they can now board it for a far more difficult version of the derelict freighters, with a wide variety of rare loot on offer throughout, along with new enemy types.
Sentinel Freighter Dungeon Loot:
Tainted Metal / Quicksilver / Liquid Sun / Fragmented Qualia / Living Water / Hexite / Hex Core / Sentinel Boundary Map / Salvaged Frigate Module / Storage Expansion / Cargo Bulkhead / Multi-Tool Expansion Slot / Suspicious Packet / NipNip / Fusion Ignitor / Stasis Device / (Legacy Building Parts) / (Eggs, Tools & Ships - See Twitch Drops) / (Original) Atlas Stone / Ancient Key / Trident Key / Station Override / Dream Aerial / Void Egg / Spawning Sac / Psychonic Egg / Flesh Rope / Vile Spawn / Somnal Dust / Ancestral Memories / (Various Treasures) / (Fleet Upgrade Units) / Memory Fragment / (Illegal Upgrades) / Sentinel Weapons Shard / Exosuit Fragment / (Various Foods)

Players can now create multiple exosuit layouts, perhaps specialising each for particular environments. Players can switch suits as long as they are not currently on foot. Unlocking different exosuits requires vast amounts of units & nanites.
A Grappling Hook technology can now be built in your multi-tool, allowing for speedy climbs to raised platforms.
Added a rapid-fire Biological Horror & Deadly Infestations flinger technology, that acts like a grenade launcher, but, you know, even scarier.
Added a sword multi-tool. Can be customised into a laser sword.
Multi-tools can now be upgraded to have up to 80 slots.

Added new sections to Wonders Menu: 'Dragon Types', 'Rare Sentinels', 'Gigantic Enemies'.

Squadrons now have different flight configurations & distances from the player & each other, which are controlled by the player via the quick menu. No longer will your allies simply get in your way.
Starship cockpits now show how far above ground the ship is while in flight, helping to prevent crashes into the ground during extreme storms.
The exosuit now display stats for Life Support, Shield, Hazard Protection & Movement, allowing players to more easily customise their tech upgrades layout.

Players may now rarely experience tears in time & space appearing near them. Stepping through takes the player to one of a series of 16 timed challenges with clear goals that become apparent shortly after arrival. Some are rarer than others & all are designed to bring new light to some often ignored features of the game; while some add new features.
A new section in player catalogues called trophies is filled out for completing each. There are also unique items to collect, as well as well-sought after existing items such as Exocraft & Living Ship slot expansion items & Station Overrides.

Tear 1) Locate & chase a fast moving NPC across a planet, on foot & ship, until shooting them down & 'arresting' them on foot. At one point, you must make a bytebeat tune (follow some tutorial-like prompts) to get them out of hiding.

Tear 2) A cave based maze that ends in an encounter with an exceptionally large, truly unique fauna. Awards a very valuable item.

Tear 3) Find the Volcano & sacrifice 5 pets to it (these pets will be permanently gone).

Tear 4) Cure a plague from the various fauna on a swamp planet (find # of this creature & # of this creature & feed a new item 'cure', made in a refiner from plants found on said planet.

Tear 5) Survive in an exceptionally large underwater cave until the end of the timer. Air pockets are around, as are the plants that grant oxygen, so air supply is the least of your worries. The very large Octopus creature & various other smaller fauna chasing you, are a problem however. Getting to your specifically positioned Nautilon spawns the Octopus. It can only be killed via the environment - look around for one of 3 unique ways to kill it. Doing so spawns several easier baby versions. This challenge could get more difficult as it goes on. Perhaps Octopus creates falling rocks from ceiling or something.

Tear 6) Several custom made racetracks. One for each exocraft. You pick one. Falling off requires starting again. You must get all the way around before the end of your time limit to receive your reward. A different reward for each track, but you can only do one each visit.

Tear 7) System of the varied sentinels. (See the awesome pics of the various sentinel ideas on the bottom of the future content page ). Defeat one of each type in time. Each has their own strengths & weaknesses. Once all are defeated, a Kaiju version, made of several types will appear, maybe in space. Think power ranger Zords. Defeat in time for the best reward.

Tear 8) Base Defence. There are several pre-made bases on the planet. You must pick one & build turrets & wind turbines to power them, in locations of your choice. After a brief window to do this, a large force of monstrosities attacks from all sides. Grenades are disabled. Your turrets & your multi-tool must defend the base until the timer is close to running out to receive your reward. Everything you build disappears on completion or failure.

Tear 9) Something to encourage cooking. Perhaps you are given a list of 5 end products to make & gain a reward for each, as well as a super reward for doing all 5 in the allotted time. The needed ingredients would be available on planet; even if some need to be purchased.
This would be best implemented along with an upgrade to the cooking part of the catalogue, which would now track the ways of making each item, as you discover them. Simply hover over the item in the catalogue to see the ways you've unlocked & greyed out ones not discovered yet. Pinning one of these brings up a tool-tip on how to create it if you have done so before.

Tear 10) A new Crystal planet with Auroras at the planet poles & some Earthquakes for good measure. On this planet, the goal is a mechanical one. There are incomplete or incorrect circuits to fix & perhaps also some things that require new items - motors, gears & pulleys. Better items are awarded the more machines / circuits you fix in the allotted time.

Tear 11) Defend the Child Of Helios from varied attackers.

Tear 12) NPC maze. - A longer timed mission that spans an entire system. There is a 'maze' of types. You start by talking to the traveller on the space station, who sends you to speak to an NPC on one of the nearby planets. Said NPC gives you clues to the whereabout of the next. This keeps going for 16 NPCs, although there are some additional red herrings thrown in that are dead ends, but fit the previous NPC's description in some way, but not in another way. A good grasp of the various languages is key here. If mixed NPC system is not possible, then there would actually be 3 different versions of this one; unless option 2: all of the said NPCs were forms of travellers, speaking the Atlas language.

Tear 13) Another longer one; talking place in a cluster of systems. Basically you have to complete both trade routes; buying items from one & selling to the most profitable other system. There is already a 3 system type route & a 4 system route type. You would need to visit all 7 trade systems types & sell the appropriate items there to qualify for the reward.

Tear 14) The Hunt. Yes, the PvP element that many want & many do not. Being killed here does not kill you; but only sends you back to where you were before. There are 2 teams, the hunters & the hunted. The hunted can gain better rewards than the hunters. All players can be eliminated regardless of team; though it is mildly harder to eliminate a hunter than a hunted. The hunted are only visible to the hunters while moving; but staying still for too long drains their health, which also regenerates a little more slowly while moving. If the hunters eliminate all of the hunted before the timer ends, the remaining players gain a reward. If the timer runs out, or all hunters are eliminated, the remaining hunted are given a better reward. Simply surviving until the end gives a trophy based on which team you were on (so 2 or 3 trophies available).

Tear 15) Some kind of combined building effort. The first person there or first time you are there, they / you will not be able to complete this one. It requires multiple visits, perhaps by multiple people, to complete. Rewards are perhaps high up, or only visible once full structures are completed; or something like that. Once the item is reachable, it remains claimable for all visitors for 6 days, then all structures are destroyed & the process starts over. Or perhaps instead there is some corrosive element, meaning base parts will gradually disappear over time; doing so faster, the more of them that there are. Another idea would be that you are building a large shrine to the Atlas & then you need 16 players to press buttons around it, all at once, to 'activate' it.

Tear 16) The rarest of them all, which can only appear when all others have been completed: board & clear the LIVING FREIGHTER of all pirate NPCs, on foot & in ship. Successfully completing this mission in time (extremely difficult) results in an option to gain the living freighter for yourself.

- Made a bytebeat tune. - Arrested a fugitive. - Killed a Cave Troll. - Hurt those who loved you. - Saved a species. - Survived the Abyss. - Killed the Octo-Monstrosity. - Completed the Nomad Circuit. - Completed the Colossus Circuit. - Completed the Roamer Circuit. - Completed the Pilgrim Circuit. - Completed the Minotaur Jumping Circuit. - Mastered all Racetracks. - Defeated a Sentinel Harvester. - Defeated a Sentinel Nautinel. - Defeated a Sentinel Podbeast. - Defeated a Sentinel Haunter. - Defeated a Sentinel Collector. - Defeated a Sentinel Protector. - Defeated a Sentinel Hexadroid. - Defeated a Sentinel Base Mech. - Defeated a Sentinel Droneship. - Defeated a Sentinel Excavator. - Defeated a Sentinel Extractor. - Defeated a Sentinel Stormer. - Defeated a Sentinel Seer. - Defeated a Sentinel Subdroid. - Defeated a Sentinel Spire-Walker. - Defeated a Sentinel Imploder. - Defeated a Sentinel Hydrospore Guardian. - Defeated a Sentinel Rogue Anomaly. - Defeated a Sentinel Drifter. - Defeated a Sentinel Phage Former. - Defeated the Mega-Kaiju Sentinel. - Defeated all special Sentinel types. - Successfully defended a base. - Perfectly defended a base. - Cooked a yummy meal. - Cooked all 5 yummy meals. - Fixed a broken machine. - Fixed a broken circuit. - Fixed all of the broken machines & circuits. - Defended the Child of Helios. - Successfully navigated the NPC maze. - Completed all 7 trade routes. - Survived being hunted. - Outlived all of the hunters. - Obliterated all of your marks. - Helped to complete a unique building. - Gained the illusive building item. - Cleared a living freighter of pirates. - Claimed a living freighter as your own.


Interesting additions & vast improvements to the ranges of what fauna, flora, minerals & excitement you can find in underwater biomes.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - TOY (Also called: Game / Brick / Block)
Explore worlds created from blocks & featuring toy-like fauna & flora.
Some areas may feature board games as parts of the scenery, or players may find rare regions that are filled with new building types based on amusement parks.
Collect a variety of buildable trophies based on toys & place them on your base shelves.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - SOFT (Also called: Cushioned / Squishy / Safe)
Everything on these planets is soft. Soft play structures litter the landscape like trees. These include bumpers, balls of all sizes, slides down mountains, tunnels, puzzles, ball pits instead of water.
Fauna are mostly friendly & cuddly.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - PAPER (Also called: Flexagon / Origami / Creased)
I have no idea how this planet's gameplay would work; I just like the fauna.
These planets remain hidden until the main story is completed.

For examples of the new Races & Landscapes, Fauna & Flora for the new planets, see: [ or ]

A new series of story based missions involving exploring sunken wrecks & going deeper underwater than ever before.

Added a new mixed humanoid underwater race, including Mermaids, Squidlings, Crustaceans, Sharkoids & more.

Added a variety of sea creatures, including Whales & Dolphins, Octopus & Squid, Nautilus, Oarfish & Eel, Hatchetfish, Isopods, Sea Stars, Sea Angels, Seals & Sea Lions, Turtles, Iguanas, Crocodiles, etc. as well as vibrant Coral Reefs.

The deeper a player delves, the darker it gets, a torch and lighting buildables will be needed.
Bioluminescence is more frequent at deeper levels, as well as larger, more agressive fauna.

Added Crashed Submarines & Shipwrecks, which function much like derelict freighters.
A variety of existing base parts can be unlocked for free via exploration of these sites.

Players can now create their own expedition mode.
Pick a theme. Pick the milestones, starting point, rendezvous points, patches & rewards.
Select icons & insert text in custom items for those expeditions.

Added a new PvP Arena - Horror Survival on a Derelict, only one player can leave.

All current building types have gained many variations.
No longer will every ruin be laid out the same way, or every crashed freighter look the same.
Some building types, which can be explored inside, now have a wide variety of sizes and produrally generated layouts.

Added a section in player logs that lists all completed story & side missions & contains a button to restart those missions from the beginning.

Water based hazard upgrades have all been dramtically increased in effectiveness.



A wide range of story missions.

New Exotic Planet / Biome - MUSIC

New Exotic Planet / Biome - ART

New Exotic Planet / Biome - WORKSHOP

For examples of the new Races & Landscapes, Fauna & Flora for the new planets, see: [ or ]

Added the Ariadne Missing Storyline from the previous weekend missions, as an optional story mission & added a conclusion to that story.

Added similar mini-storylines for each seperate Space Anomaly NPC.

Added similar mini-storylines in the holographic suite, for each of the following characters: Nada & Polo First Meet, The Fall of Artemis, Apollo's Quest, Null's Rebellion, Hirk The Great, Nal, Asteria, Narcissus, Lazarus, Hildebrand, Omega, Horiffic Flesh Helmet Character (needs a name).