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This is the new version of the list from the facebook group (facebook.com/groups/NMSResources).

Be aware that HelloGames have implemented a large amount of that list. They specifically check that group for new ideas.

I delete suggestions from there & here as & when they are added to the game.

Many of the previous updates may have their roots in past versions of that list.
If you have anything to add, do so at the bottom of this page and in the comments of appropriate section on the facebook group.

Realistic ideas only please, not things that would require them to build a new game entirely.

Please don't mention bugs & crashes. It is not a thread for moaning, just for positive, achievable ideas for the future of NMS.





Allows player to 'pin' a specific resource or item to a particular slot, insuring '1' or '0' of that item always stays there/is unusable, so slot is never filled with something different.


New 'Ark' technology that stores up to 5-10 animals, which can be transported to other planets. Many players wish to create 'zoo planets' & populate them with their favourite creatures. [Perhaps Zoo planets could be whole new aspect of base building for a large future release, requiring players to create areas/enclosures that suit the animal, based on the type of planet it was found on. Again, super in depth, but an idea worth thinking about]. I'm starting to get a 'Spore' vibe from this idea.

Customisable ships (even if this is just changing the colour of the parts already on your ship, I figure anything more than that could get really difficult to implement). This is by far the single most requested feature out there.

Big windows on freighter bridge (there's a mod that did it, so should be easy).

Ability to sell ships to other players.

If teleporter tech installed: Remove the limitation on range at which you can send items to your ship inventory & drastically increase distance that you can take items back out from. I remember there being no limit on this. Those were the days. :-)

New technology that allows ships to gather tiny amounts of gases while flying around on planets. So Oxygen, Nitrogen, Radon or Sulphurine would appear in small amounts on your ship as you fly.

Living Freighters. Let me have a Moya to go with my Talyn.

Some people would like to use the new 'move technology' function to move their tech to new ships they are trading for their current one. I personally feel that the consideration of if the new ship is worth starting over is a thrilling one, but enough people seem to want this for me to mention.


Scanner access as a toggle, so we don't need to keep LT pressed for long times. Press LT to enter scanner mode and LT again to switch off.