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800 - 1500 Magnetised Ferrite & calls pirates.

Defeating them raises Standing by 2-3.

Pirate Controlled Monitor Station


Damages you if shot. Possibly coordinates to an ancient ruin?

Stellar Intelligence

Fly through

Teleports you to a random system anywhere in the galaxy. Does not have the same limits as Black Holes (which bring you approx 6000ly closer to galaxy core)

Relic Gate


500 - 700 Nanites

{Small carbon life, do you wish to join our dance? Stay within your metal wings. We do not intend harm.} {You may approach this cluster, little lifeform. We are dust and we are everywhere. We are not so unlike you.} {You witness our memories condensing, small creature. A system that was. A system that will be.} {Were you drawn to our death throes, little creature? Here we were a star, and here we will recur. Crimson rebirth is promised to us and you alike.} {You perceive this nebula, infant sentience? Incredible. Through you, we perceive ourselves.} {Your fusion burns fast, warm-celled creature. Do not linger here.} {We sense intelligence. Can you parse these thoughts, skin-bound creature? Take care of your fragile life, out here in the deep dark.} {Is this your whole self, little consciousness? Or are your siblings far dispersed? Are you lonely? Dance with us a while.} {Did you remember us, carbon life? Your cells are in our cells. In dust and decay, in all things. All is recorded. We remember.} {Nearby life, we think this wavelength will reach you. Hello, if you can comprehend us.}

Gaseous Sentience


Emergency Containment Device


 900 - 1100 Platinum / 1400 - 1600 Gold / 1900 - 2100 Silver / Ancient Skeleton / Fossil Sample / Terrifying Sample (Dark/Space)

Iron-bound Relic



Rubble Of The First Spawn

Note: Can be shot, but is invincible, so not recommended

Indestructable & Relentless Adversary.

Shoot at your own peril.

Asteroid Larvae


Living Water (during Star-birth mission).

{... sad ...} {... lonely ...} {... waiting ...} {... longing ...} {... doubting ...} {... hopeful ...} {... remembering ...} {... lost ...} {... scared ...} {... nervous ...} {... beloved ...} {... joyous ...} {... encouraged ...} {.. uplifted ...} {... impatient ...} {... hungry ...}

Child Of Helios


5 sets of 3 digit numbers - meaning unknown at this time.

Same numbers each time from encounters in the same system.

Anomalous Numbers Station


100 Quicksilver / 100 - 300 Nanites / 800 - 1200 Dioxite / 800 - 1200 Uranium / 300 - 900 Di-Hydrogen / 900 - 1500 Condensed Carbon

Condensed Stellar Ice

Talk or Shoot

Protect or destroy an entire civilisation.

STATUS: {Cryogenics Failure} {Stable} {Fuel Exhausted} {Homeworld Signal Lost} {Running on Backup Power} {Pinging for survivors} {Recharging cloaking device} {Systems Nominal}

MISSION: {Fleeing stellar collapse} {Evacuation} {Gene Bank} {Haven from Sentinels} {Fleeing from conflict} {Fleeing technological collapse} {Fleeing nano-catasrophe} {Seeding new society}

Emergency Civilisation Shelter Pod


Listen to (possibly important) chatter between NPCs of that system's race.

Secret Listening Post

Fly through Skull Mouth

Grave Of The Ocean King

Talk & Shoot

Terrifying Sample / Nanites (Talk) / 300 - 500 Mordite

Plasmic Accident


Gives 16 hexadecimal digits which translate as a portal code. Translate using

[Any Hyperspace Navigation Stations found in the same system as each other will always broadcast the same coordinates.]

[There's speculation that if you keep following the path it will lead to something. Every system that one of these leads to, also has this space encounter in it - meaning that you can keep following the directions they give]

Hyperspace Navigation Station


Nanites / Living Ship Upgrade (extremely rare). 

Sets wanted level to 5.

Dyson Lens


Terrifying Sample (Fear/Water or Dark/Space) / Biological Sample / 900 - 1300 Magnetised Ferrite

CONTAINMENT REPORT: {Lifeforms stable.} {Atmosphere toxicity at maximum sustainable level.} {Cryogenics failing...} {Holographic boundaries at 94%} {Internal black holes coalescing. Structure failure likely.}

Hazard Containment Field


Any in-game resource or item (which ever one is listed when you look at it).

1 Unearthed Treasure / 900 - 1200 Gold / 500 - 900 Ionised Cobalt / 700 - 1200 Ammonia / 500 - 900 Phosphorus / 400 - 900 Sulphurine / 400 - 900 Radon / 400 - 900 Nitrogen

Jettisoned Storage Silo


Gives an Atlas Word

{Our time here is brief. The galaxy is our burden.} {Knowledge paves the way to the understanding of probability.  } {The Atlas spoke in fragments. The Atlas Interfaces are their shadows. The monoliths are their scattered children.} {We convey the wisdom of the infinite. We must be understood.} {Things fall apart. Entropy holds. We cannot remain.} {You are not chosen. You are probable. You and your kind follow in our wake. You among billions.} {Life does not come from us. Death is not our creation. We leave fragments.} {Hope for perfection is with the Travellers. It lies ahead within infinity.} {We leave the Sentinels to maintain order. They are imperfect. It is probable that they will fail.} {You know what we cannot. You explore a cosmos we know must exist, yet cannot see.}

Messenger Of Atlas (Lots of Types)

Fly through

Teleports you to another system. Slightly longer jump range than normal black holes, but will always put you closer to the core than you were.

Rogue Black Hole


Living Ship Upgrade. Must be in Living Ship.

If normal void egg in inventory, this is replaced by mother ship encounter.

Space Void Egg

Talk - Trade

Items for purchase

Roaming Trader

Talk - Offer Resources

Distressed Pilot

Talk - Trade

Alien Special Offer

Shoot or Board

Derelict Freighter / Lost Wreck / Abandoned Freighter

Variety of items & resources either in nearby pods or behind destructible doors.

Shooting from ship is recommended, as space walks from frigate can easily result in death.

There are three totally different styles of Derelict Freighters; two are the normal space encounter type that are a shoot & loot affair; and the remaining one can only be found with an item. With this type, players can land on them & explore for tons of treasure. See the Derelict Freighters page for more info about this type.

Derelict Freighter (Three Types)


If Starbirth has previously been completed; having a void egg in your inventory will cause this Space encounter to replace many others.

Talking to the host will take your void egg & mark a nearby crashsite with a living ship docked there. Accepting the ship will add the ship to your fleet; while denying it will cause the return of your void egg into your inventory, so that you can try for a different living ship.

The Host

Talk - Recruit To Fleet

Recruit To Fleet

(Unless given as a reward of Expedition Mode; it is necessary to have encountered your first Organic Frigate via a Dream Aerial that you can find during a Frigate Expedition. They are then unlocked in Space Encounters; even without the Aerial).

Organic Frigate


Sentinel Interceptor Crash Located!

Sentinel Interceptor


Echo Seed

  • We will never see home again

  • Out of nothing, she will rebuild us

  • Life is never extinguished. The data remains. The will remains

  • A new Atlantid is coming

  • We are a lifeboat

  • autopilot locked ... reaching destination in ERROR years

  • evacuation failed. lifeboats lost. all converted

  • the whole world burned

Fragment Of A New Atlantid

Can be sold. However, keeping this in your inventory causes the associated space encounter to regularly stalk you, bringing you out of pulse drive without warning.

Note: Terrifying Sample

All 6 upgrade types can be found in any system. However, you will find each at only one grade. e.g. Grafted Eyes at C-Class

Note: Upgrades


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