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Blueprints are used to craft new technologies, products, and advanced chemical structures. Blueprints are not consumed during crafting process.

To craft from a blueprint, you require one free space in your inventory. When you click on an empty slot a window opens with a list of available blueprints. Any blueprint that installs/upgrades technology will disappear from their respective crafting category after installation. If dismantled, the related blueprint will show up again. For consumable items, players can craft as much as they want.

Blueprints can be found in a variety of places, including: Crashed Ships, Manufacturing Facilities, Operations Centres, Observatories, and Containers.

Many blueprints are awarded through base building missions.

Some may also be purchased using Nanite Clusters from Technology Merchants at planetary outposts.

When dismantling an unwanted technology, the player will receive 50% of the original crafting cost back to inventory.

Note: if a player runs out of inventory space while dismantling, the resource(s) will be lost forever.


Upgrade Modules can greatly improve properties of the installed technologies in your exosuit, multi-tool, or starship. These can be bought with nanites from technology merchants in space stations. Unwanted modules obtained from other sources (Damaged Machinery, Operations Centres, Crashed Ships, and so on) can be sold to these merchants for nanites to spend on more desirable modules. The prices vary between locations and it can be wise to buy an S-class module in a system offering a cheap supply due to its random property. At 400 nanite cost, 5% can mean around 20.

You will never be able to install all existing modules at the same time. Choose the ones that suit your play style and feel like the most fun for your character. With the right modules, you can be any combination of fast, resilient, and powerful. Technologies do not count as a module and their limit and thus can be used in combination with them.