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NMSResources Infographics

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Nanite Clusters are a valuable material, a strange substance that bubbles up from cracks in reality. Nanites are used as a currency for purchase of Equipment Upgrades.


Nanites are earned from a variety of sources as you explore. many outposts and relics offer a chance to earn nanites as you explore their interiors and uncover their mysteries. Maps to such planetary sites can be purchased from the Cartographer on the Space Station.


Discoveries are made by landing on planets, visiting new systems, or scanning objects with the Analysis Visor.

Nanites are earned for each discovery Uploaded for other Travellers to see. Upload discoveries from the Discoveries tab.


Traveller Iterations Ares and Helios are found aboard the Space Anomaly. They seek new items and data each day, and offer nanites in exchange.

Specific missions offered from the Nexus and the Listing Agent aboard the Space Station are frequently a rich source of Nanites.


Fleet Expeditions dispatched from your Capital Ship often return with large quantities of Nanites.

There are a great many other ways to make Nanites. See the infographic below for more details.



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