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NMSResources Infographics

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High End Crafting items (Stasis Device / Fusion Ignitor) can sell for around 16 million units each.

You can create these using a variety of items that you can create or win from missions at the Space Station and the Nexus on the Space Anomaly.


Crafting advanced products is a great way to earn money.

Mine metals from resource deposits found using Analysis Visor [Key F]. Mine using the Terrain Manipulator.

Advanced users with a Survey Device upgrade for the Analysis Visor can make use of Mineral and Gas Extractors. These advanced modules are capable of generating endless free power and resources if sited correctly.


Combining metals generates Alloys. Combining gases creates Compounds.

Combining these with each other or with Agricultural Products from farming allows the creation of even more valuable items.

The most valuable items require resources from multiple worlds. Find systems with the right combination of materials for the optimum crafting setup.

Acquire new product blueprints by hiring a Scientist at your base, or by visiting planetary Factories and Harvesters.



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