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Cooking is a process of combining various ingredients, raw ingredients, and/or harvested agricultural substances into consumable products with the use of a Nutrient Processor.

First, the player must create baits to attract & feed fauna, to gain their various eggs, milks & honey.

With the flowers, meats & animal products the player has now collected, they can combine ingredients to make new foods.

See linked page for the various steps to creating further products.
So why cook?

  • For fun & to complete your catalogue.

  • Consume the items for boosts to your health, speed, hazard protection, jetpack, e.t.c.

  • Sell for Units (this amount can get very high as you progress through the stages).

  • Give to Cronus the Chef on the Space Anomaly to gain a random amount of Nanites, or very rarely Quicksilver.
    (This RNG amount has much higher chances of higher amounts as you progress through the stages).