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Expedition Mode can now be started from within your main save.

Simply visit the terminal on the Space Anomaly; which will also allow you to port over a few items, technologies, a ship and a multi-tool.


On PC or Mac & want to replay any of the expeditions?

I found a webpage that will help you to do that:


  • Expedition 1: The Pioneers - Blaze a trail as one of the first of a new group of pioneers.

  • Expedition 2: Beachhead - Delve into the mystery of a starship from another universe...

  • Expedition 3: Cartographers - Explore a planet in detail as you struggle to escape its surface.

  • Expedition 4: Emergence - Face the titan worm and its many-mouthed vessels.

  • Expedition 5: Exobiology - Befriend, nuture, and interact with the creatures of the universe in a gentle journey of discovery.

  • Expedition 6: The Blighted - Hunt down a rampaging pirate faction and uncover their secret treasure.

  • Expedition 7: Leviathan - Death is not the end // The loop continues.

  • Expedition 8: Polestar - Cruise across the galaxy on an interstellar freighter voyage.

  • Expedition 9: Utopia - The Utopia Foundation welcomes all contributors to our ambitious new communal habitation project.

  • Expedition 10: Singularity - Solve a mystery that echoes deep within the fabric of reality.

  • Expedition 11: Voyagers - Explore the universe and catalogue its marvels.

  • Expedition 12: Omega - Begin a journey that has no end, on an infinite road into the stars.

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Expedition 2 - Beachhead

#BG0 Shortcut Bars
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