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Sentinels are robotic entities that guard most worlds. Harvesting resources in view of the Sentinels will cause them to turn hostile.

Harvesting some resources, such as Gravitino Balls, will immediately alert Sentinels forces.

Sentinels may approach and scan you or any resources you recently harvested. Avoid harvesting or attacking non-hostile creatures while being watched.

Some worlds host extremely hostile Sentinels. These drones will attack on sight. Pay attention to the planet information in the Analysis Visor [Key F] to learn Sentinels status.

Some Sentinels have been corrupted by the Abyss; the Void Mother; the Atlantid. These are particularly present on Corrupted worlds, but can also appear at Planetary Settlements & at treasure dig-sites.

The Security Level in the top right of the HUD shows the current Sentinels status. This will increase as you fight Sentinels.

Eliminate Sentinels Drones quickly when to avoid more powerful Sentinels being summoned.

Destroying Sentinel Drones is a good source of exotic materials.

You will fight all Sentinel types and find two Sentinel Pillars in the new story mission 'A Trace Of Metal'.

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A heavily armoured mech with a jetpack & a variety of weapons, including a plasma-powered flamethrower.

A heavily armoured mech with a variety of weapons.
Shoot the knees to topple it; and it's head casing to destroy it.

A darkness spreads through the Sentinel horde. Many fortified worlds have succumbed to corruption, with strange crystals sprouting from the earth and their robot guardians twisted into bizarre new forms. Explore these purple-hazed worlds to find new buildings, crashed interceptors, secret equipment and more…


A space based, automated attack system.
Not much different to pirates, easy to deal with in small numbers; just don't shoot at a space station!


Mechanical, self-replicating, policing drones, also known as The Aerons.
Created by The Atlas & meant as a security protocol; but the Atlas is losing control.
When the Aerons first appeared in this universe, they were confronted by the Vy'keen alliance, who nearly won their war against these mechanical menaces, but were betrayed & attacked by the Gek while weakened.
The war between the Sentinels, Vy'keen & Gek came to an end when the enslaved Korvax injected their nanite clusters into their Gek masters' spawning pools; rewriting their DNA to turn their violent lust for power into greed.
The Gek now worked for the sentinels & the Korvax worshipped them. The Vy'keen still hate them & kill all they can.

On planets with Low Sentinel Activity, Drones can only be found guarding Depots, Manufacturing Facilities, and Operations Centres. On planets with High Sentinel Activity or Aggressive Sentinels, Drones can be found patrolling the entire planetary surface. They will investigate players that perform actions that violate their laws and ultimately attack if a player continues their transgressions.

Summoner Drones are capable of beaming in reinforcements mid-battle. While of low threat on their own, these advanced Sentinel units can quickly turn the tide of a fight and overwhelm an unwary player. Every once in a while, they will start summoning Heavy sentinel drones. This process takes a while, and can be stopped by destroying the summoner. If it's completed, the newly summoned drones won't disappear, even after the summoner's destruction.


Armoured Drones have forward plating, with an eye in the centre, a weak spot, and will face the player at all times while engaged to make use of this shield. When not tracking the player, most of their bodies are open to normal attack.

Sentinel repair drones are small, highly agile units that rapidly repair other drones. While themselves weak and lightly armed, these mobile engineers represent a serious threat and should be tactically eliminated. If a sentinel unit is in proximity, they will rush to their assist and progressively repair them until the unit or themselves is destroyed. If the unit they were repairing is destroyed, they will try to go repair another one that needs it.

Sentinel Heavy Combat Drones are a significantly upgraded version of the regular Sentinel patrols drones. If a Sentinel patrol drone discovers a transgression, these tank-like units are the first forces summoned to the battle as highly aggressive backup.


Sentinel Quads have two attacks they can perform, a charged laser attack and a lunge attack. Both attacks are aimed directly in front of the Sentinel and can be defeated using strafe tactics. They have a red glowing weak-spot on their back. Shoot here for massive damage.

An offshoot of the basic drone are referred to as Corrupted Sentinels, and must be dealt with when harvesting Salvageable Scrap. These are a tougher variety of the regular drones. It is possible that these are the rogue drones described in the freighter logs.

Performing these actions always alerts Sentinels (regardless of Sentinel presence), raising either Planet Wanted Level (PWL) or Space Wanted Level (SWL) to at least 1:

  • Overharvesting resources

  • Picking up a Gravitino Ball from the ground or from flora (PWL 3)

  • Picking up Sac Venom from the ground (PWL 3)

  • Interacting with a Sentient Plant (PWL 3)

  • Removing an Ancient Data Structure from a pedestal (PWL 0)

  • Removing an Albumen Pearl from a shell (PWL 3)

  • Attacking a Space Fleet (SWL 1)

  • Attacking a Space Station (SWL 4)

  • Attacking a non-hostile Starship

  • Attacking a Sentinel drone (PWL 1)

Performing these actions with a Sentinel drone witnessing the action will alert the Sentinels and set the player's PWL to 1:

  • Attempting to destroy Depots (attacking some Depots sets PWL to 3), or the reinforced door of a Manufacturing Facility or Operations Centre

  • Attacking Fauna nearby

  • Harvesting Minerals or Flora nearby

The strange power flowing through corrupted worlds has warped the Sentinels beyond recognition. Colossal semi-arachnid machines stalk these discordant worlds, ready to pounce upon unwary Travellers. Their weaponry varies from rapid-fire energy weapons, to grenades, to a corrupted flamethrower, and they will tactically repair heavily damaged drones.

The volatile circuitry of the corrupted swarm makes them prone to spontaneous combustion, especially when their armour integrity is compromised. Keep your distance, and beware of their aggressive pounce…

Face off against a swarm of corrupted Sentinel spawns. These aggressive mini-machines know no fear, and will relentlessly pursue their Traveller foes all the way to the bitter end.
Able to phase in and out of stealth for surprise attacks.

Utilises devastating flamethrowers & long-distance explosives.

Sentinel fleets have evolved. System authority ships now appear in hundreds of procedurally-generated variations, dramatically diversifying their silhouettes and styles.
Expand your fleet with your very own salvaged Sentinel Interceptor starship. Hunt down your perfect Sentinel ship, or collect a whole range of these sleek procedurally-generated Interceptors.

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