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First story mission and introduction to the game's mechanics.
You will start on a hazardous planet & survival will be tough for the first couple of hours. Keep yourself stocked up with Ferrite Dust from rocks, Sodium from yellow plants, Carbon from trees & Cobalt from caves (if you find any).
Using camera mode can help you find all of these things & caves or buildings for shelter.

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  • Gather Ferrite Dust

  • Repair Scanner Damage

  • Scan To Locate Sodium

  • Recharge Hazard Protection

Test & Repair Multi-Tool Scanner

Able to locate Starship

  • Interact With Distress Beacon

  • Board The Crashed Ship

Investigate Crash Site

Ownership of Crashed Ship

  • Create Metal Plating With 50 Ferrite Dust

  • Interact With Distress Beacon

  • Use Planetary Chart

  • (A Storm Will Start)

  • Find Hermetic Seal BP at Marked Location

Repair Pulse Engine

  • Create Carbon Nanotubes With 50 Carbon

  • Repair Visor

  • Analyse Objects For Rewards

  • Find Ship & Return To It

Repair Analysis Visor

Ablity To Analyse Objects For Rewards

  • Create Hermetic Seal

  • Repair Pulse Engine

Repair Pulse Engine (Part 2)

Refiner, Life Support & Portable Technology Guides

  • Create Portable Refiner

  • Refine 50 Pure Ferrite

  • Refine Di-Hydrogen Jelly

  • Repair Launch Thruster

  • Leave The Planet

Repair Launch Thruster

Ability To Leave Planet

  • Test Thrust

  • Test Boost

  • Test Pulse Engine

Orbital Flight Tests

Incoming Message

  • Use Target Sweep To Find Cargo Drop

  • Build A Terrain Manipulator

  • Collect Copper & Refine Chromatic Metal

  • Build A Base Computer

  • Establish & Construct A Base

  • Investigate Base Computer Archives

Track The Mysterious Signal

  • Refine Magnetised Ferrite & Craft Carbon Nanotubes

  • Deploy Construction Research Unit

  • Dig Up Buried Technology

  • Rename & Upload Base

  • Build Base Teleport Module

Expanding The Base

Base Teleport Module BP

Note: You Should Dig Up Salvaged Modules At Every Chance You Get. You'll Need A Whole Lot Of Them To Unlock Everything.

  • Learn The Biofuel Reactor

  • Construct A Biofuel Reactor

  • Learn Electrical Wiring

  • Connect The Power Grid

  • Fuel The Biofuel Reactor

Powering The Base

Biofuel Reactor & Electrical Wiring BPs

Note: Never use the Biofuel Reactor again; instead unlock Solar Panels, Batteries & Electromagnetic Generators; as they don't waste your Resources.

  • Travel To Space Station

  • Speak To NPCs About Travellers

  • Explore Station

  • (Buy 5x Microprocessors For Later)

  • Return To Base Via Teleporter

Investigate The Space Station

Teleporter Now Useable

  • Interact With Base Computer

  • Find The Crashed Freighter

Reach The Decoded Coordinates

  • Install Hyperdrive

  • Refine 125 Chromatic Metal

  • Purchase 5x Microprocessors From Space Station

  • Construct Hyperdrive

Interstellar Travel - Hyperdrive

Antimatter Coordinates Signal

  • Use Ship Scanner

  • Reach The Abandoned Building & Interact With Terminal

  • Craft Antimatter

  • Assemble Antimatter Housing

  • Craft Warp Cell

  • Craft Hyperdrive & Refuel

Interstellar Travel - Warp Cell

Warp To Other Star Systems

Warning: Breaking Open The Nearby Eggs Will Spawn Biological Horrors, Which You Are Not Ready For! The Eggs Drop Valuable Larval Cores, Which Disappear Quickly.

  • Warp To Another System

  • Read Ship Diagnostics

  • Find The Monolith

Automatic Guidance


Note: You Can Now Warp To Any Yellow Star System. In Each System Visit The Space Station & Space Anomaly (Unlocked Soon) To Unlock New Slots For Your Exosuit. Also Learn Words From Knowledge Stones & NPCs At Every Opportunity.

  • Travel To Space

  • Answer Communicator

Locate Your Benefactor

Crashed Ship Coordinates

  • Find Crashed Ship

  • Repair Signal Beacon

  • Extract Records

Decode The Stranger's Signal



(Do This Every 5 Milestones Achieved)

Advanced Mining Laser BP



MISSION STEPS (Currently Building. For now just use the picture guides).

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