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Multi-tool - Tool


Multi-tool - Tool



Terrain Manipulator

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The Terrain Manipulator is an attachment for the multi-tool which allows alterations to planetary terrain, both destruction and creation.

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Recharge With:


Ferrite Dust - 0.5%/unit

Pure Ferrite - 1%/unit

Magnetised Ferrite - 5%/unit

Silicate Powder - 0.5%/unit

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Additional Info:

Release History:


Using the Terrain Manipulator may delete resource rich plants and minerals as well as Knowledge Stones in the general vicinity. Objects destroyed in this manner do not yield any resources.

Certain objects found in caves, namely Subterranean Relics and Humming Sacs, will disappear if the player attempts to dig to their location using the Terrain Manipulator.

Resources gained from mineral deposits are obtained at a constant rate regardless of the size of the mining sphere. Therefore, maximal yield can be obtained from these deposits by using the smallest mining sphere size available.Exception: if recharging with Silicate Powder. Since the resource is so plentiful and the harvest rate is much higher, go with the largest sphere setting to outpace your recharge needs faster than you use it up.
Terrain deformation does not attract Sentinel aggression.

1.3 Atlas Rises - added as a multitool upgrade.

1.5 NEXT - formula changed, formerly used Iron and Plutonium

2.0 Beyond - Silicate Powder can be used for a recharge

2.2 Synthesis - Added a flattening mode to the Terrain Manipulator to allow quick and easy flattening of a large area.
Added a ‘Restore’ mode to the Terrain Manipulator, allowing edits to be undone and the terrain restored to its previous state.
Edits made using the Terrain Manipulator within the bounds of a base are now protected in the same way as edits made by base parts, preventing them from being removed by further editing outside the base.

NMSResources Infographics

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