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Multi-tool - Weapons


Mineral Extraction Laser



Mining Beam

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The default weapon installed on the multi-tool and it is an essential accessory used to expose and capture elements within planetary rock formations and vegetation. If not used carefully, the Mining Beam may result in sentinel scrutiny and aggression.Getting the mining beam closer to overheat will make it deal more damage.

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BACKGROUND - Purple Black - Upside Down.png

Recharge With:


Carbon - 0.5%/unit

Condensed Carbon - 1.5%/unit

Phosphorus - 2.5%/unit

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Additional Info:

Release History:

Minerals and flora being mined by this weapon, in addition to granting resources upon their destruction, grant 2 units (1 unit in Survival and Permadeath Game modes) of their primary resource on each mining tick.

Though it has a listed base Damage Potential of 333.3, it deals greatly reduced damage to fauna, sentinels and other players and it is unable to damage the reinforced doors of Manufacturing Facilities and Operations Centres.

When adding upgrades for the Mining Beam, placing them next to each other or Mining Beam in the multi-tool inventory will trigger upgrade bonuses, increasing their bonuses above listed values.

1.0 Release - Original game technology.

1.5 NEXT - Recharge materials changed. Formerly recharged by Thamium9, Plutonium, Power Gel, Power Canister and Power Reservoir. Plasma Resonator and procedurally generated Mining Beam Upgrades added.

2.0 Beyond - getting the mining beam closer to overheat now makes it deal more damage. The heat bar also doesn't deplete instantly anymore

2.3 Living Ship - Added Animus Beam and Solar Ray as specialized upgrades for Starbirth mission.

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