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NMSResources Infographics

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Players start in galaxy 1, Euclid, and travel through galaxies in order by reaching the Galaxy Centre

(or jump several by finishing 'The Purge' primary mission).
After the player leaves galaxy 255 (Iousongola), they return to the first galaxy again.

When transferring galaxies, all tech in your inventories will break & need to be repaired.

Switch to a junk ship & multi-tool; while also packaging tech into items in the cargo slots to protect them.

There are no special requirements to galaxy hopping; you don't need the coloured drives, or the ability to jump large distances.
Nobody will have the jump capabilities in light-years to reach the core.

Players must simply have a full hyper-drive & they will be able to make the jump.


There are four types of galaxies:
💙Empty - This type is referred to in-game as Ancestral, Frozen, Exhausted or Silent galaxy, and displayed with a blue hologram.
❤️Harsh - This type is referred to in-game as Burning, Raging, Relentless or Ruthless galaxy, and displayed with a red hologram.
💚Lush - This type is referred to in-game as Halcyon, Inspiring, Serene or Tranquil galaxy, and displayed with a green hologram.
💜Norm - This type is referred to in-game as Imperfect, Improved, Parallel or Rebuilt galaxy, and displayed with a cyan hologram.


Players can use a teleporter to return safely to any base they have, regardless of galaxy; meaning that this becomes a way of changing galaxies to any that you have previously visited. Tech does not break when changing galaxies in this manner. Be sure to place a base in new galaxies before heading backwards to older ones; or you'll have to travel to the core & break your tech all over again.



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