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Starbirth is a mission which is started after purchasing Void Egg from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion.

After the Space Encounter with a strange starship, the Void Egg becomes active and produces a number of coordinates which the player must follow to learn new technologies and repeat a long-forgotten Korvax experiment. The quest will eventually reward you a free living ship & will unlock the ability to gain more via another egg & 10,000 nanites (you don't do the mission again).

Ships of this type feature a large amount of technology slots with emphasis on damage output and hyperdrive range. They are categorized by their "Organic" looking architecture, with many parts moving during flight.

These ships utilize Biotechnology to function, (being completely incompatible with synthetic ship technology), both constructed and procedurally generated, and all technologies use different fuel than their synthetic counterparts.

As an organic being, no new technology can be "installed", but upgrades can be obtained via Space Encounters. Unlike other ships, it is impossible to expand Living Ships' inventory by conventional means. You will need instead to send out Organic Frigates; which may return with Spawning Sacs to increase the bioship's slots.



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