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As of Origins, there are five atmospheric events that can occur in conjunction with an ongoing storm. With this update, the Exosuit can now take advantage of the extreme conditions: superheated temperatures can be processed into improved jetpack efficiency; freezing temperatures prevent Mining Beam overheating; high radioactivity increases mining yield; dense toxic gases can be recirculated for additional stamina.

Firestorms - Occur on extreme temperature worlds
Fire will damage players if they get too close
Fire dissipates after a storm subsides

Gravitational Event - Occur on anomalous planets
Will exhibit sudden low-gravity shifts on the planet's surface

Lightning - Can occur with any storm
Can occasionally strike the ground near the player and cause damage

Meteor Showers - Can occur independently of a storm at the horizon, or as it's own event close to the player
Meteoroids can damage the player, with the strike zone being indicated with a red circle on the planet's surface

Tornadoes - Can rarely occur with storms, and is indicated with an "extreme wind event" Exosuit warning
Will pick up nearby players and creatures