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No Man's Sky is a wonderful game that HelloGames have provided many massive (free) updates for. As a result, the information on the internet is mostly outdated & unhelpful, even on the wiki, (much of which I have created or very heavily contributed to in the past). This leads to a great deal of confusion in the player base & lots of the game's mechanics being overlooked.
No Man's Sky Resources is a constantly updated website (almost every day) which serves as a guide to all the ins & outs of playing No Man's Sky, which aren't always well explained well within game. It also lists every in-game item & their uses, including upcoming items.

Work through the sections on the main page. They are (for the most part) listed in the order that you are likely to encounter them in-game.
The aim here is to make things known without having essays worth of info to read.

Where possible I use pictures instead of writing. Visual aids > Essays

I have over 8000 hours of game-play in No Man's Sky and understanding of the code.

All information on this site has been fact-checked by HelloGames.

This is a positive community & I expect you all to stay positive, happy & nice to each other on this website.

This website evolved from the still running Resources page on Facebook:

My friend code for if you want to add me: BTDG-ZFGD-XZ4YW.

About me:

Working closely with staff from HelloGames, I run the website for the game at:, as well as the long-running facebook help group: and the youtube:

I have played since two days after launch; played on every build of the game & have logged well over 8000 hours on PS4 and PC.

I have created mods & used Blender to work on base building. I have a very good understanding of the code in the game files & a perfect understanding of the code in game saves.

On the very rare occasion that I make a mistake, I own up to it & let the whole community know about it. This rarely happens as I'm very committed to thorough research before posting anything.

The process before I upload anything:

1) I test my theory in game a very large amount of times, changing variables such as planet types. I do so on both PC and PS4.

For reference, to prove the 'always 16+ hot-spots within 1100u, including power' theory, I initially tested 450 planets, including all different types of planets. I have since tested this after every update or patch, resulting in 1625 planets tested as of April 2020. I have continued testing this every update since.

2) I get at least 5 friends to do extensive testing of their own. They cover all platforms (PC/Playstation/Xbox/Nintendo). Sometimes I also ask the community to contribute, across the various Facebook groups, Steam, Reddit, etc..

3) We collate our data & discuss our findings, particularly any anomalies we encountered during game-play or in our data.

4) I email 5 very specific members of HelloGames staff, who correct any mistakes (2 found so far, in 2 years).

5) I post my pictures/guides or whatever in the comfort of knowing it is 100% correct.


6) I add info to these posts as & when people ask relevant questions that the posts didn't initially cover. If there is even the slightest doubt in my mind about these additions, I repeat steps 1-5 before editing the posts.

7) When I am convinced that no further questions/comments can add anything to that info, I lock commenting for that post & delete any comments/questions that have now been answered in my edited original post.

8) HelloGames staff email me 5 minutes after an update to highlight which of my posts are no longer correct or relevant & which things to remove from the 'Ideas for the future of NMS' page, as they've just been added.

[As of Exo Mech update, they have also now started to be nice enough to attach pictures of each section of the update for me for the 'updates' section, meaning I no longer have to go to their website & use 'snipping tool', which saves me a fair bit of time.]

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All content is accurate for 4.72 Adrift , including upcoming content.

Bottom of home page lists other upcoming work for me to complete.

PLEASE Upload your Discoveries  Report website mistakes.

Download my Epic Freighter Base for yourself.

Website is best viewed on larger screens.


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