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Found With:

Boundary Failure

A large machine found only on exotic biome planets, relating to the sentinels & Telemon

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Contents Of Building:


Additional Information:

Boundary Failures are large machines that appear as large rotating hollow discs attached to a rectangular platform. Included on the device is a terminal similar to those found on both the Space Anomaly and Atlas Station.

Interacting with the terminal gives the player the next lore log in relation to Telemon.

There are 31 different terminal entries, The first 20 are each identified by an Iteration, followed by a Scenario and an Analysis. The last 10 simply are text entries, apparently telling the story of the creator of the atlas after he was copied and added as a traveler inside the simulation.

The entries were written by Telamon, a security sub-protocol designed to monitor the Atlas in case of rampancy. Telamon has identified that something is wrong with the Atlas.

At one point (apparently forced by the Atlas), Telamon becomes the Artificial Intelligence attached to the Last Traveller's exosuit, prior to the Traveller's first awakening. It is still aware of its past purpose, but it seems to progressively lose its sanity over time.

Activating a Boundary Failure opens the option to download data. Doing so will provide a section of lore similar to those found in Abandoned Buildings.

There are two entries identified as "Fifth Encounter" (here referred to as #5-A and #5-B).

They can be found at about the same rarity as beacons.

An alternative name is Sentinel Terminal.

Lore logs found here

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