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A relic of an ancient civilization with stored knowledge

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Additional Information:

The plaques contain information about the species that created them (i.e. the dominant species of the current star system), and can be categorized as follows:

  • Gek plaques document Gek the First Spawn's treacherous encounters and volatile behaviours toward other species

  • Vy'keen plaques document Vy'keen Alliance war lore, saga, and stories of Hirk the Great

  • Korvax plaques document Korvax research, echoes and worship toward the Aerons.

Each Plaque has a circular or pyramidic cavity placed in the side of the obelisk structure. Upon player interaction, a portion of the faction's lore will be revealed. Players are then given a choice between two mutually-exclusive options: "Seek help with language" or "Seek knowledge of the past".

  • Choosing to seek help with language will teach the player a word of the dominant lifeform and raise their standing with the lifeform's faction.

  • Choosing to seek knowledge of the past will reveal the location of an Ancient Ruin where the player can dig for a valuable Artifact buried underneath the surface.

  • The lore is continuous for each species; it will continue at the point where the lifeform's last lore had been revealed.