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Found With:

Trading Post

Cartographer Map - Commercial Cartographic Data (Inhabited Outpost)

Starship Scanner if Economy Scanner installed

Exocraft Signal Booster

A post of trading

Contents Of Building:


Additional Information:

Similar to space stations, trading posts feature a Galactic Trade Terminal and seven Landing Pads where starships can land. In the main section, the player can find 3-6 NPCs of that system's dominant faction, and, in rare occasions, a Traveller.

Cargo Drops can be found near the landing pads and in the lower sections of the Trading Post.

Prices and tradeables at trading posts can differ from the system's space station. Trading posts seem to offer far fewer resources (Ex: Ferrite Dust) than Space stations, but more rare items for a cheaper price.

Delivery missions will ask the player to deliver a certain resource or tradeable to a trading post in that system. Once there, the player has to enter the post's Galactic Trade Terminal in order to complete the mission.

Another mission that includes a trip to a trade outpost is the high-rank variant of the Find Missing Person.