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Best Stats On Upgrade Modules

Exocraft Mining Laser






Exocraft Mining Attachment

Free / 180 Nanites

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A weapon which can be mounted on any Exocraft, but comes pre-installed on the Colossus. It can be fired continuously without ever overheating, dealing damage at an apparent tick rate of 5 ticks per second until its energy is depleted, at which point it must be recharged.

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Recharge With:


Carbon (0.5%/unit)

Condensed Carbon (1.5%/unit)

Oxygen (1%/unit)

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Additional Info:

Release History:

Exocraft Mining Laser Upgrade Sigma -
+20% Mining Laser Power
+100% Advanced Exocraft Mining Laser

The weapon actually deals damage 10 times per second, but pairs of damage ticks are automatically added together to reduce clutter for the purposes of damage number display.

The Exocraft Mining Laser initially behaves similarly to a Mining Beam without the Advanced Mining Laser upgrade, dealing 98 damage per apparent tick to minerals and Flora. Additionally, it can be used to harvest Resource Deposits, though its large mining radius makes it very inefficient at the task compared to the Terrain Manipulator.

With the best possible upgrades installed for mining beam and this laser are compared, the beam does around 100 damage per tick while the exocraft laser can do around 170 damage per tick, making this laser very useful for mining expeditions.

The Exocraft Mining Laser is mediocre at harvesting Fauna and fighting Sentinels, dealing 98 damage per apparent tick to these targets. However, the weapon's laser properties make it much easier to use at long range than the Exocraft Mounted Cannon.

1.2 Pathfinder - Added to the game

1.5 NEXT - formula changed, formerly used Carite Sheet and Armadium

1.63 - Mining power and damage rebalanced: Base mining power per apparent tick increased from 80 to 98.
Combat damage per apparent tick is now equal to mining power against fauna and Sentinels (formerly 400/apparent tick against fauna and 121-242/apparent tick against Sentinels).

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