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A wide variety of interesting bases exist out there for you to find.


The game offers a plethora of base building parts & electrical components; which can inform a player's base building ideas.


For inspiration, try visiting the featured community bases from the Space Anomaly teleporter, as well as visiting other player's bases from the same teleporter, or by joining their games.


Here are a few other ideas to get you started:

- Sky Base   - Pixel Art   - Bytebeat Disco   - Rocket League   - Fort or Castle   - Mech  - Flower Farm   - Cave Base   - Tower   - PVP Arena   - Giant Insect   - Fandom Recreation   - Crazy Golf    - Maze   - Chess Board   - Markets & Cities   - Zoo   - Epic Freighter Base   - Ball Maze (with sink holes)   - Roller Coaster (using short range teleporters)   - Racetrack (fun with switches & spheres)   - Riverside Village   - Underwater Research Facility


Examples of many of these can be found on the groups & uploaded bases & pictures sections of this website.



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