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The Nexus is the multiplayer mission board onboard the Space Anomaly, and functions as a meeting point for Travellers. It is the location where players sharing the same multiplayer instance in the Space Anomaly (up to 16) can initialize or join multiplayer missions (up to a group of four players per mission).

Missions can be completed to get specific rewards (products and units/nanites/quicksilver).


The Nexus offers four types of missions.

  • Regular missions award nanites or units and some items.

  • Daily Quicksilver mission awards 400 quicksilver. Marked by one to three Gold (droplets) on the right side of Nexus.

  • Encrypted missions award nanites or units, and some items. Marked by a purple question mark symbol on the left side of the Nexus.

  • Weekend missions award 1800 quicksilver. Marked by a turquoise Hexagon above the Nexus.

Daily, one mission, generating Quicksilver, will be offered to the player, replacing one of the four mission options. Up to three such missions can stack up (represented by an according number of floating Quicksilver icons on the side of The Nexus interface). This mechanism allows players not to miss out on them even if not playing daily. However once the stack of three is filled up, any passing day won't add such a mission to the queue, thus being lost.

Encrypted missions appear in The Nexus at random. When initialized, they will start a random mission.



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