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Outlaw stations can be found in any system previously inhabitaded by any of the races. Like an abandoned station, this station can be identified from the outside by having pieces of metal broken and floating in space, and having a red tractor beam instead of a blue one. Inside, a number of NPCs and vendors occupy landing area.

Like an abandoned station, outlaw station features the architecture and the layout of space station prior to the NEXT update, i.e. two ramps leading upstairs, but there are no rooms at the end of these ramps.

Like a normal space station, this station will have Appearance Modifier, Multi-Tool and Exosuit upgrade cabinets, Starship Outfitting Terminal, and a Scrap Dealer booth. In addition, the following amenities are available:

Left-hand side:

Station Terminus Teleporter (looks and works like a Base Teleport Module). Cannot transport the player to "normal" space stations.

Right-hand side:

Contraband Agent dealing mostly in prohibited and suspicious goods.

Salvage Dealer trading suspicious upgrade modules.

Bounty Master offering pirate missions in exchange for Units, prohibited goods and upgrades, Forged Passports, and regular rewards.



Smuggled Goods - Deliver Illegal Cargo

The bounty master has come into possession of a shipment of %PRIMARYITEM%. They wish to realise the profit from this acquisition.

A descrete pilot is required to deliver the %PRIMARYITEM% to a specialist 'shipping agent' in a nearby system...

Deep Space Plunder - Seize Goods From Traders

The bounty master has become aware of a particularly rich outfit of traders, carrying a heavy cargo of %PRIMARYITEM%.

Enterprising freelancers may wish to intercept this trade convoy as it traverses the star system...

Eliminate Rivals - Hunt and Destroy a Pirate

A 'dispute' has arisen between rival pirate factions. Events have escalated to armed conflict.

Now, a prize has been put on the head of %NAME%, leader of the %FACTION%. Their ship may be found near a floating wreck that serves as their base of operations.

Freighter Assault - Raid a Capital Ship

Rumours abound of a heavily-laden expedition, %CONVOYNAME%, travelling through a nearby system. Its capital ship, the %FREIGHTER%, is weighed down with valuables collected over a long voyage.

Enterprising freelancers may note the opportunity this presents, and may find themselves drawn to follow the convoy's route across the system...



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