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When a player takes over the role of the settlement's Overseer, they must first build their own office. The player is required to provide materials to construct the office, and wait the advised time for the steps to complete:

  • Supply about 210 Silicate Powder or Ferrite Dust to the site (90s wait).

  • Supply 5 Metal Platings to the site (90s wait).

  • Supply 3 Microprocessors to the site (90s wait).

After the Office is complete, a Settlement Administration Terminal and a Teleporter are available inside.


The settlement administration terminal will be found inside the settlement overseer office after it has been constructed. At this terminal it is possible to:

  • Check the status of the settlement.

  • Determine the priority of Construction Opportunities for the settlement.

  • Meet with visiting NPC aliens that have special requests.

  • Resolve Citizens Disputes.

  • Endorse or deny Citizen Requests.


Settlements have stats that say a lot about them.

Each settlement starts with random values for stats, usually low. By making decisions on construction, policies, citizens disputes, citizen requests and greeting new people, these stats will be changed in different directions.

Settlement Class

Settlements have a Class, which is defined by the Population, Productivity, Happiness and Maintenance of the settlement. It can range from C (very bad) to S (very good).

Encountering a fresh A+ Class settlement is (very) unlikely. However, by improving your settlement, it will eventually increase to S-Class.

Settlement Features

Settlements can have up to 6 Features, either positive or negative.

Each feature is related to one of the settlement stats, as shown below.

Whenever a new Feature is gained through a Decision, be it positive or negative, it is added to the list of Settlement Features. If there are already six Features, the worst feature is replaced instead.



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