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Space stations are large alien spaceports that can be docked with a starship and serve as trading centre, mission hub, and a means to travel to habitable bases.


They can be found in all star systems, except uncharted ones; or a damaged version in abandoned systems. The exterior appearance of a space station can vary, but the inner design will be mostly the same, with minor differences in furniture & differing NPCs.
The interior of the abandoned stations is based on the layout of all space stations at the game's launch, with added red lighting & goop.

The newer Outlaw Systems use this basic design & add many details to it.
Visiting a space station provides the opportunity to buy a new starship, purchase or sell resources & buy blueprints, talk to or hire NPC characters, & obtain missions & lore.


Every inhabited system has a Space Station serving as a hub for passing lifeforms. Speaking to lifeforms aboard the station may bring the opportunity to trade, learn words, exchange star charts or swap gifts and gain standing. Other lifeforms may offer the chance to purchase their starship.


Technology Merchants selling Upgrades can also be found on the Space Station. Each station will have a different range of upgrades, so be sure to check in every system you visit.


Other key posts aboard the Space Station include the Cartographer, who will exchange Navigation Data for directions to points of interest, the Guild Envoy, who offers rewards based on your standing with their guild; and the Mission Listings Agent, who offers local missions to improve your standing and earn valuable rewards.


Traders can visit the Galactic Trade Terminal to bulk purchase and sell goods. Different systems have different specialities, offering opportunity to the willing pilot.

Finally, every Space Station has a Teleport Terminus, offering quick access to both your base and previously visited systems.



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