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Bubbling, Frothing, Foaming

Exotic Weird

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Blood Balloon


Exotic worlds are characterized by having various mysterious objects not found in any other biomes. When viewed from space, most of them look rocky and pockmarked by holes. However, there are some that look like giant, artificial Hex worlds. The games' code for these worlds is "Weird".

Unlike dead worlds, there is no elevated strain on life support. Unique structures and, very rarely, vacant bases can be found here as well. Gold deposits can sometimes be found on these planets. Exotic worlds will never have water.

More uniquely than other biomes, flora and minerals are wholly determined by the specific sub type of exotic biome; Exotic biomes will only have a handful of unique flora and mineral types exclusive to this biome. An exotic biome will almost always have only one type of fauna, although rare cases of exotic worlds with two species of fauna have been found.

A single unique Stabilised Reality Glitch will be found in each exotic biome.


During the visit to a Bubble anomaly, the phenomenon will shroud the entire planet in a myriad of shiny bubbles of varying sizes. At their height of expansion, they can easily fit several trade ships inside of them, while small bubbles can barely hold a hand. The truly huge bubbles only appear in the upper atmosphere and have developed a shell to sustain the local pressure.

Along the ground, several types of metal marbles decorate the landscape further and contrast the swarm of smaller bubbles that slowly rise from the ground. While most small bubbles will not move much over the day and keep their height, certain regions on the surface seem to experience a slight updraft, resulting in a bubble fountain with many smaller bubbles rising into the air until they pay for their little adventure with an early death. They weren't ready for the pressure above.

Some of the midsized bubbles have acquired strong enough films to sustain repeated and extended changes in pressure. These Bubble Clusters can safely be acquired and transported to be shown to other researchers or visitors in bases.

A rare mutation among the bubbles is the Bloodballoon. Instead of growing huge like most bubbles or fade before ever rising into the atmosphere, some rare specimens of bubbles have synthesized organic compounds inside of them. Together the bubble and the compound seem to acquire energy from thermal condensation, a process in which gases are condensed and release energy for chemical processes associated with the local organic compounds. These compounds refract the condensed liquids inside of the bubble and give it a red tinge, in a manner similar to blood. Excess of this liquid is constantly dripping out of the Bloodballon to make room for new gas to condensate within it and to keep it light enough to float. Indeed, the red bubbles seem to exhibit a kind of sentient behaviour as they flee from any visitor at great speed. This propulsion can easily be achieved by changing the trajectory of the exuded liquid and allows speeds that only a jetpack dash can compensate.

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