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Contoured, Cabled, Webbed

Exotic Weird

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Living Cable Pod


Exotic worlds are characterized by having various mysterious objects not found in any other biomes. When viewed from space, most of them look rocky and pockmarked by holes. However, there are some that look like giant, artificial Hex worlds. The games' code for these worlds is "Weird".

Unlike dead worlds, there is no elevated strain on life support. Unique structures and, very rarely, vacant bases can be found here as well. Gold deposits can sometimes be found on these planets. Exotic worlds will never have water.

More uniquely than other biomes, flora and minerals are wholly determined by the specific sub type of exotic biome; Exotic biomes will only have a handful of unique flora and mineral types exclusive to this biome. An exotic biome will almost always have only one type of fauna, although rare cases of exotic worlds with two species of fauna have been found.

A single unique Stabilised Reality Glitch will be found in each exotic biome.


The Contour anomaly has appeared in the recent awakening of worlds as observed by Polo. It mainly consists of round, brown pods which are covered by a very wide net of cables. Some of these pods are mounted on huge multi-legged structures with a vaguely phallic tendril protruding below them. This tendril has an oscillating black texture, which gives it an eerie appeal. Some of these pods can be collected as Cable Pods for safeguard or to showcase them in a base. Some of these pods are anything but dead though. These Living Cable Pods will sometimes attempt to flee if they see something coming at them.

Several instances of cable pods appearing on other planets have been observed. The reason for their presence is as of yet unknown and leave room to speculate if those planets are about to be corrupted. They most commonly appear below the surface of oceanic planets.

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