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Terraforming Catastrophe, Dead, Empty, Desolate, Lifeless, Forsaken, Life-Incompatible, Low Atmosphere, Airless, Abandoned


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Worlds with a Dead biome are characterized by a dearth of flora and fauna, no atmosphere and lower gravity. They have rocky and dusty surfaces and are comparable to some real life dead terrestrial bodies, such as Mercury or the Moon. They tend to have higher amounts of resources compared to other biomes. The resource Rusted Metal can be found here. Bring sufficient Oxygen Capsules, Life Support Gels, Oxygen and Dioxite when exploring, as they increase the strain on Life Support.

Yellow stars in Tranquil galaxies have 1/4 the chance to have dead planets, and yellow stars in Ancestral galaxies have 2x the chance, compared to other star types.

Unlike other biomes, dead worlds never contain any structures such as trading posts, and storms never occur. Water will never occur on dead biomes, and it has been observed that underground/subterranean ecosystems seem to occur less often than other biomes.

Biome Landscapes

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