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Fract Cube

Mechanical, Metallic, Metallurgic

Exotic Weird

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Unchained Terbium Core


Exotic worlds are characterized by having various mysterious objects not found in any other biomes. When viewed from space, most of them look rocky and pockmarked by holes. However, there are some that look like giant, artificial Hex worlds. The games' code for these worlds is "Weird".

Unlike dead worlds, there is no elevated strain on life support. Unique structures and, very rarely, vacant bases can be found here as well. Gold deposits can sometimes be found on these planets. Exotic worlds will never have water.

More uniquely than other biomes, flora and minerals are wholly determined by the specific sub type of exotic biome; Exotic biomes will only have a handful of unique flora and mineral types exclusive to this biome. An exotic biome will almost always have only one type of fauna, although rare cases of exotic worlds with two species of fauna have been found.

A single unique Stabilised Reality Glitch will be found in each exotic biome.


A fract cube subbiome is also known as a Nanophage. This anomaly type covers the planet in remnants, shards and husks of large, metallic, phage-like structures, the Redbraite. Some of these are still active, and can be seen floating and glowing red or green in the air, while others remain embedded in the ground and are inactive. All of their lights have dimmed to white. The general appearance of the phages is artificial and they are assembled of two types of smaller but equal parts that form a new shape. Their design is effectively based on fractals, which might explain the subbiome's title.

Smaller versions of the bigger Redbraites can also be found. These Terbium Growths can be taken home for further analysis or showcase in a base. Terbium Growths themselves seem less active as they display no active light, aside of a meek yellow shine of the core. Maybe it is constantly absorbing energy to fuel its growth. Terbium hereby seems to describe the metal alloy they are made off.

As a noteworthy fact, the visor interprets the floating and still active terbium alloy structures as plants or living matter. This does indeed not describe the terbium alloy and the Redbraite themselves, but their cores. These Terbium Cores sometimes escape their prison and roam freely over the surface of these worlds. They are beings of highly condensed matter and energy. One has to be aware of their regular discharge into the nearby air, which are reminiscent of plasma orbs. Their inner ring and core is shining with a bright red colour, similar to the Atlas, but can also turn green. Since the green light only appears in active Redbraite in the air and not in wild-roaming Terbium Cores, it can be speculated to be the result of a massive discharge or energy absorption by the Redbraite. Maybe it even causes them harm.

Biome Landscapes

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