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Green Mega Exotic

Planetary Anomaly, Lost Green, [REDACTED], Stellar Corruption Detected, Chromatic Fog, Vile Anomaly, Toxic Anomaly, Doomed Jade, Haunted Emeril, Deathly Green Anomaly

Mega Exotic

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First appearing in the NEXT update, this biome is characterized by having mega-sized versions of objects found in other biomes, like giant circular rock formations, algae, smokestack plants and trees. It has an atmosphere that refracts light into a certain color, which can vary from a strong orange hue to a dismal black-and-white dystopia.

Though they are classified similarly to exotic biomes, they are clearly a class of their own. They can have any variation of weather - clear, normal or extreme weather conditions. Large varieties of flora and fauna are typically present. Over-sized fauna seem to appear with higher frequency in mega exotic biomes. Waypoints are present if the system is inhabited.

From space, they look similar to Dead biomes but they have an atmosphere. Look for them in red, green and blue star systems.

Water is frequently found in these biomes.

Biome Landscapes

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Fauna (Existing or Ideas)

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