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Columned, Sharded, Pillared

Exotic Weird

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Crystal Elemental


Exotic worlds are characterized by having various mysterious objects not found in any other biomes. When viewed from space, most of them look rocky and pockmarked by holes. However, there are some that look like giant, artificial Hex worlds. The games' code for these worlds is "Weird".

Unlike dead worlds, there is no elevated strain on life support. Unique structures and, very rarely, vacant bases can be found here as well. Gold deposits can sometimes be found on these planets. Exotic worlds will never have water.

More uniquely than other biomes, flora and minerals are wholly determined by the specific sub type of exotic biome; Exotic biomes will only have a handful of unique flora and mineral types exclusive to this biome. An exotic biome will almost always have only one type of fauna, although rare cases of exotic worlds with two species of fauna have been found.

A single unique Stabilised Reality Glitch will be found in each exotic biome.


Akin to the Hexagon subbiome, the Shards subbiome is one of the more famous exotic worlds. It is also known as The Glass due to its similarity to the glass worlds described in former Traveller's logbooks at terminals in ruined bases. This anomaly type features large rectangular slabs and smaller crystals of reflective golden stone covered in black scorch marks or paint that levitate above the ground. The surface of the entire planet is littered with large amounts of fractures of varying scale, which do not only float around the separators and other structures, but also protrude from the ground. The general colour scheme of the structures makes them appear to be obsidian or silicon in nature, but even they are reduced to iron by a mining beam in the end. The black colour is only on the surface as seen by smaller fragments and their corners.

Among the bigger structures there exist smaller separators which are not held in place on the surface. These Glitching Separators can be stored and taken off world to study or present in a base. Unlike other exotic trophies however, a Glitching Separator is so massive it needs at least a two story room to be presented or has to be placed outside. The crystals are evocative of returner 77 and returner Zhero.

Among the more or less dead landscape, some of the shards have taken on a will of their own and combined into a small cluster. If they are driven by magnetic forces on top of the planet or actual sapiens is unclear, but these Crystal Elementals will randomly appear and roam around. Unlike other shards or separators on this world, the elementals appear in pristine gold and without the black scorch marks, opening the question if the black residue is actually a measure of containment for this type of phenomenon.

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