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Contents / Details Of POI:


Additional Information:

Electromagnetic Power Hotspot are valuable for anybody who builds a base.

Place an Electromagnetic Generator on this hotspot and provide limitless power.

Power hotspots can generate 150, 220, 250 and 300kP of power per Generator at C, B, A and S potential, respectively. Within a given power hotspot, you can place as many Electromagnetic Generators as you like, subject only to base complexity limits. Power levels are shown in the Survey Device as field strength, again with 15000, 22000, 25000, and 30000 being the field strengths for C, B, A, and S class potential. The farther away from the hotspot, the less power generated, although power hotspots tend to be more generous in terms of distance before the power levels drop off significantly, when compared to mining or gas hotspots.

At a certain point of building more & more generators, they begin to see diminishing returns. This helps to prevent massive, lag or crash inducing mining facilities. Due to the increased yeild of power compared to olar panels; almost no bases should ever need more than around 10 generators on an A or S-class hotspot; or around 20 on a B or C.

Player must install a Survey Device in your multi-tool and use Surveying Mode on your Analysis Visor to find hotspots on planets.

The mineral hot-spot resources match the planet's available resources.

There are always at least 16 hotpots available within 1050u from any location. These will always include at least one of each of the following: Power, Oxygen, Compressed Gas, Random Mineral, and an element specific to the system and the biome.

To locate hotspots that are hard to come by while using the surveyor; listen closely to the audio when you have the surveyor out and hear if its from either the left or right. The key is to get the sound of the location centred on the surveyor and head in that direction general. However its more identifiable with ear buds, surround sound, or headphones on.

See the guide pages on this for more info.

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A hotspot for mass mining Electromagnetic Power

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Power Hotspot





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