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Found With:


A relic of an ancient civilization with ancient knowledge

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Contents Of Building:


Additional Information:

Monoliths are large alien structures appearing in multiple forms, usually with two or three Knowledge Stones around a platform.

Interacting with the monolith at the platform will bring up a problem with a list of solutions. Selecting the correct response, based on the advice of the monolith, will result in one or multiple rewards. The types of rewards are:

  • Increased alien vocabulary (of the dominant alien entity within the Star System)

  • Increased standing with faction

  • Recharging of health

  • Repairing of broken technology

  • Faction-specific rare items (Korvax Casing, Gek Relic, Vy'keen Effigy)

  • Blueprints

  • Multi-tools

If the wrong solution was selected, the player may be punished by receiving damage or decreased standing with the faction.

Interacting for a second time can reveal the location of a Portal, if you trade in a specific curiosity for the race of that system: Gek Relic / Korvax Casing / Vy'Keen Dagger

Logs can be found here: gek; korvax; vy'keen

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