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Monolith - second interaction

A device to allow instantaneous travel between worlds in a single galaxy

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Portals are ancient structures that are all identical in appearance. They have a long cross-shaped platform on the ground that is flanked by floating pillars. On top of this platform stands a tall, slab-like structure with a split down its centre and with an opening at the base that allows beings to pass through it once it is activated. The tunnel has a ring that is covered in the portal glyphs, similar to the chevrons on a stargate. On both sides leading to the tunnel are minor stairs with one end having a submerged control panel that will come out of the ground once an entity enters its vicinity.

A portal's control terminal needs to be charged before the portal can be activated and used. Approaching an uncharged portal from the correct side will cause its terminal to raise from the ground. Each potential glyph is represented by one of sixteen buttons. These buttons do not reflect a user's glyphs and have to be charged regardless of the target address using them or not. A user does not need to have all glyphs to use a portal!

Regardless of the actions after the transport, the portal will remain open until one travels back through it. One can save and even exit the game and the portal will remain open. It is not only impossible to enter a different address in an open portal from the target side, but for all portals in the entire target system. The terminal will remain underground for all planets until the player goes back to the starting system. Further limitations of the target system are, which will show a Portal Interference message to the player:

  • The Galactic Map cannot be opened. This also prevents the documentation of star systems for the wiki due to critical info being stored there.

  • Black Holes will not be generated in the system even if one is supposed to be present.

  • A personal freighter cannot warp into the system and no NPC freighters will appear in the system.

  • The teleporter on the space station is inoperable and will not register in the station teleport network.

  • New Base Computers cannot be build and if a pre-existing base computer is found the new base will not be documented in the official base teleport system. A Base Teleport Module will not work either, before or after the portal has been used to go back.

The only arbitrary way for one-way travel is to teleport to other players either randomly or in the friendlist and to register with the local station teleport network. This allows the same actions as portals did before Update 1.58. All other legitimate avenues of one-way travel are currently closed aside of black holes, which are one way and one direction only, towards the centre.

Every portal has its own unique Portal address. The address is a sequence of twelve glyphs arranged so that one glyph represents the planet, three represent the star system, and eight represent the region.

Portal addresses break down into five parts. The first glyph is the Planet Index. The second, third, and fourth glyphs combine into the Star System Index. The remaining glyphs are used to identify the region (i.e. define X, Y, and Z locations) in the galaxy. It can be visualized as follows:

[P][SSS][YY][ZZZ][XXX] – (P = Planet Index / S = Star System Index / Y = Height / Z = Width / X = Length)

Weekend Missions provide directions to a random portal in the current system.